iDealwine user guide: paying for orders and storage

iDealwine is now outsourcing wine storage and sales logistics and so payment terms and conditions will therefore be changing. See below for further details about payment deadlines, storage and grouped orders.

It will not have escaped your attention that business is booming at iDealwine: with new cellars coming up for auction, themed fixed-price sales (foreign wines, regional sales, sparkling wines) and mature fixed-price sales (bought from private cellars), volumes are soaring!

Buyers from over 50 countries are logging on and bidding against each other daily on the site. Sales increased by more than 20% in 2016, and the early months of 2017 confirm this rising trend. To continue to provide you with the most efficient service possible, iDealwine has therefore carried out a comprehensive review of its logistics and storage arrangements and order processing logistics will now be outsourced. Although iDealwine will continue, unlike most wine purchasing sites, to offer a thirty day payment period from the end of a sale, customers will now be charged for storage beyond this period.

A 30-day period to pay for your orders

The payment period for your orders, as has been indicated in our terms and conditions ever since iDealwine was founded, stays fixed at 30 days from the end of a sale, both for online auctions and fixed-price sales. However if you exceed the 30-day period after a sale, you will now be charged for storage at €0.025 (VAT included) per bottle and per day. These fees come into force on 1 May 2017 for orders which have not been settled for over a month.

Fixed-price orders: immediate payment

If you make a fixed-price order (non-auction) and would like fast delivery without waiting for the sale to end, this can still be arranged. Simply settle your order immediately as soon as you have made your purchase. Please note that this payment option is obviously only applicable to fixed-price sales.

Free order grouping

Nothing has changed here – you still have a 30 day free storage for your wine to enable you to group your orders and get the best deal on shipping. After a sale, you can wait for the result of forthcoming auctions to group all your wines into a single delivery. However you must obviously comply with the 30-day time limit to receive free storage.


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