New ways to manage the sale of your wines

As you know, iDealwine is THE place to sell your wines. As well as helping you throughout this process, we have introduced some tools to make tracking and accessing the results of your sales easier. To find out more about the new features our web team has introduced, read on.

To sell your wines as efficiently as possible, and for the best price, iDealwine has already introduced wine listings to help you estimate the value of a bottle, a free estimates service and tools for creating and managing a virtual wine cellar.

As the top wine auction site in Europe, it seemed essential to develop the functions in our section where you track your sales.

We have therefore introduced some new features. When you log in, a menu appears under your username where you can access your profile, purchases, of course, and your sales. From here, you can track your current sales, view your selling history and sell your bottles in just a few clicks.

Follow your lots currently on sale:

Under this tab, you can track current bids on any lots you are selling at that time.

Sales history:

Under this tab, we have introduced some new features to help you view your sales history. First, there is a list of all lots that have been sold and lots still waiting to sell. For the latter, the process for adjusting selling prices has been simplified. Click on the red “SEND AN EMAIL” box in the “Contact Us” column to generate an automatic request the reserve price.

Another advantage of this new tool is that you can see the different amounts your sales have fetched. Within seconds, you can find out how much your wine sales have made altogether and how much you have made in comparison to the initial reserve prices.

Sell my bottles:

This function isn’t new to our website but it is now fully integrated in your selling space. You can choose from two options.

First of all you can select wines from the virtual cellar you created earlier to put up for sale. You can also request an estimate by filling in an online form.

Whether you are waiting to sell or haven’t yet dared take this step, we hope these explanations will be useful. Above all, we hope you will achieve some great prices using iDealwine’s platform, which is now used by wine lovers in more than 120 countries.


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