La Provence with character from Clos Cibonne

Uncover the fascinating story of Clos Cibonne, a pioneering and historic estate in Provence.

Domaine Vietti | A lesson in identity at the heart of the Langhe

Always on the lookout for wines with a strong identity, the iDealwine team has struck gold with this remarkable, family domain, located on Piedmont’s Langhe hills.

Jean-Claude Lapalu | An understated icon in Brouilly

Whilst this name is still under the radar, seasoned enthusiasts love what's made here. This is why.

Claude Riffault | Aiming high in Sancerre

Stéphane Riffault learnt of the importance of terroir in Burgundy, the concept at the heart of his craft.

Finesse and precision at Champagne Billecart-Salmon

Founded in 1818, Billecart-Salmon might not be the oldest champagne house in the region, but it’s certainly one of the most respected.

Elian da Ros | At the forefront of the Côtes du Marmandais

Côtes du Marmandais, Abouriou, Cocumont…Elian Da Ros is a pioneer! An ambitious wine maker to get acquainted with.


Alexandre Bain | A firebrand in Pouilly-Fumé

(Re)discover Alexandre Bain, his commitment to the environment, and how he's breaking away from the standards of the Pouilly-Fumé appellation.

Summer at iDealwine | We’re bringing the vineyards to you!

Here's what we've got planned for you, including a photo competition!

Domaine Michel Bouzereau & fils | Attentive wine making in Meursault

Jean-Baptiste cultivates this family domain at the heart of Burgundy's most reputed Chardonnay-producing village.

Frank Cornelissen | The pinnacle of Mount Etna

This is the story behind one of Sicily’s finest domains, situated on the slopes of Mount Etna. Founded at the beginning of the 2000s, it has seen a soaring success.