Who’s Your Competition on iDealwine? Read the Latest Stats

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Whether you have already bought and/or sold wine on iDealwine or not, these statistics will interest you. In this article, we will paint a picture of our lovely customers. Who are they? Where do they live? Get to know who you’re up against when you’re bidding at our auctions and who buys your bottles when you put them up for sale with iDealwine.

You have very likely already visited the iDealwine website which is, in fact, a world leader in online wine auctions and the top French wine auction house (please excuse us, if you haven’t already guessed, we are very proud of this fact.). If you’re on the fence about selling your wine with us, we’ll introduce you to your future buyers to help convince you once and for all that iDealwine should be your go-to auction house.

How many customers were there in 2023?

121,054 people bought wine at auction on iDealwine in 2023.

Where do our customers live?

Almost half live in France (48%) with people from Asia making up 22% and those in Europe 26%. There are also buyers in other continents: South America, Oceania, North America (USA and Canada) and Africa.

52% of our buyers live in a country other than France and they represent 60% of the turnover at auction. Thanks to our innovative website, buyers place bids from at least 65 countries and this figure is continuing to grow. It goes to show that iDealwine knew what it was doing when it opened offices in Hong Kong and Singapore to consolidate its international development.

Men or women?

While this next figure is increasing, women only make up 4% of our clientele. A lot of our team are women (and contribute significantly to the collective effort to increase this figure) and seeing this figure motivates us to carry on working to bring fine wine to more and more women. What is more, there are some amazing female winemakers for us to get behind. Let’s show them some solidarity!

How old are they?

The average age of our customers is 48 years old, and most have been buying wine from us for more than five years so they’re at home on the iDealwine website. This shows that our clientele knows the world of wine, are constantly on the lookout for good deals, and recognise the value of wine … and wines of value.

Private individuals or professionals?

90% of people placing bids on our website are private individuals. Wine enthusiasts – some of whom could rival us with their wine knowledge – are the ones who fill the website with life.

Sounds like someone you know? You can join our clients who sell as well as buy on iDealwine. You know they have good taste, after all. 😉 If you’re looking to sell your wines, ask for a free estimation. It’s simple, quick and free!

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