iDealwine’s Tailor-Made Cellar: a tried and tested service!

Did you know that we offer a service where we help you create a tailor-made cellar? Read all about it in this interview with one of its very first users. Spoiler Alert: They were so happy with the service that they have used it several times! 😉

iDealwine’s Tailor-Made Cellar service

Following requests from numerous clients to have more guidance when buying wine, we launched our service that helps you create your perfect wine collection in 2021. The premiss is simple – someone in our sales department will act as your personal shopper. They will have an hour-long phone consultation with you at the beginning and will be in touch along the way as we build your wine collection.

The idea is that by asking a series of questions and discussing what your like and what you are looking to achieve, we can create a selection of wines that are perfectly suited to you. Our team can stay as close to your preferences as you’d like them to all while being creative.

After the consultation call, our experts will suggest a selection of wines and then refine it according to your feedback. Once you are happy with the wines on the list, we will not rest until your order has been placed and delivery has been arranged.

Just to clarify, the consultation is completely free. 😊

So, what did one of our clients have to say about this service?

As we always want to know where we can improve, we spoke to the very first user of our tailor-made cellar service to learn about their experience. This is what they had to say.

How did you find out about our service?

I order from iDealwine every now and then and I read about this service in one of your emails.

What made you want to use this service?

I already had a fair few good bottles in my cellar, but these wines still needed to continue ageing for several more years and I lacked wines that were ready to drink now. I, therefore, wanted to create a cellar with wines that I could drink either this year or next. Having said that, I didn’t really have the time to search for these wines myself, so this service was perfect, supporting me and saving me time.

After having used the service once, I called on iDealwine again when a large group were coming to stay for a long weekend, and I wanted to have wines that suited the occasion.

How well do you know wine? Did this play a part in your decision to use our services?

I know the world of wines relatively well as there are some winemakers in my family. On the other hand, I didn’t have that much time to look for the wines that I wanted, particularly the difficult-to-find bottles and mature vintages. I liked the fact that you also suggested wines that I didn’t already know but that suited my tastes and that you helped me to build a balanced collection with a cellar booklet including all the information about the wines, pairing ideas and when they’ll be at their best. It was great having this service that would organise everything for me.

How did everything work? What did you think of the process?

I called Raphaël [Editor’s Note: Head of the Sales Department at iDealwine] on his mobile; it was quick and simple. I was so happy to be able to call someone so easily; everything went well, and he was very attentive. We then had two follow-up calls to get everything just right. Delivery also went smoothly. I was completely happy with this service.

Where is there room for improvement?

It would be great to have a digital version of the cellar booklet that could be updated according to what bottles remain.

We hope that this client’s feedback has given you the nudge you need to take the next steps.

You can also find more information about our free consulting service to help build a tailor-made cellar and our storage cellar service which stores your bottles in ideal conditions on our website.

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