The team behind the screen!

The iDealwine team in summer 2023

Would you like to know a bit more about iDealwine? Because behind your screen is a team made up 62 wine geeks who put together the best wine auctions in the world, process your orders, work with producers to create wonderful wine selections and not forgetting those that make the website shine and enrich it with more information.

In spring 2000, Cyrille Jomand, Lionel Cuenca and Angélique de Lencquesaing left the Paris Stock exchange to follow their passion – wine – and created iDealwine. After a year developing the website, it was launched in June 2001, marking the start of the iDealwine adventure. Then in 2014, the company made a huge step for its international development by opening an office in Hong Kong. A few years later in 2019, iDealwine found a footing in Bordeaux by adding the wine merchant company LMGV Bordeaux to the group which reinforced the links forged with this specific market since iDealwine’s beginnings. What is more, through the company’s subsidiary International Wine Auction (a licensed auctioneer), iDealwine has held the crown of France’s leading auction house since 2014 and is wine lovers’ online wine retailer of choice. Always looking afar and valuing the importance of its international customers, the website has been available in German and Italian since 2023. This was a major year for the company as it also opened its office in Beaune to be closer to its partners wineries in Burgundy as well as an office in Singapore.

The iDealwine team in numbers

  • 3 founders at the helm
  • 12 wine experts
  • 5 team members looking after the company’s consignors
  • 2 team members looking after clients and 2 managing shipments
  • 9 people bringing iDealwine to the four corners of the globe – an international team made up of 6 nationalities
  • 6 members of the IT/web team
  • 5 people in the sales administration department
  • 3 buyers who work with our partner domains
  • 4 people working in accounting/HR
  • 9 people creating the company’s communication and marketing which includes 4 people focused on digital marketing
  • Offices in Hong Kong and Singapore
  • An office in Bordeaux with its regional team (3 people) and another in Beaune

The founders

The three founders Cyrille Jomand, Angélique de Lencquesaing and Lionel Cuenca with vineyards in the distance
The three founders from left to right: Cyrille Jomand, Angélique de Lencquesaing and Lionel Cuenca

Cyrille Jomand

iDealwine’s president, Cyrille Jomand manages the sales and procurement team who work with our 900 partner producers as well as managing everything behind the scenes such as sales administration, finances, accounting, HR and web developments. He came up with the idea of WineDex, a tool certifying the bottle’s authenticity and ensuring its traceability with information saved on the blockchain. It was also his brilliant mind that came up with the idea of creating Fine Spirits Auction, a website dedicated to spirits and liquors. He has a laid-back demeanour as you can see in this photo, glass in hand, but in reality, he is on the go all the time. And in 2023, Cyrille passed the exam to become a professional auctioneer – and on the first go no less! A formidable feat and one that does not come without any hurdles as only 660 people can currently claim this title in France.

Lionel Cuenca

Lionel Cuenca is responsible for the expert, customer service, supply chain and international development teams. His brain ticks over 24/7 to uncover the latest trends and new technological developments. Put simply, he tries to anticipate your needs and desires as well as thinking of new services that we can offer. On a daily basis, he does a lot more than roll barrels through the office! He oversees both the auctions and fixed-prices sales on iDealwine as well as the company’s estimation and appraisals for the auction side of the business.

Angélique de Lencquesaing

Angélique de Lencquesaing leads the team who works on the French content published on the website and the weekly newsletter. She expertly analyses the market and publishes the latest trends in the annual auction Barometer after combing through the auction results and seeing what bottles wine enthusiasts from the around the world are fighting over. With the marketing and communications team, Angélique forges links with customers through tastings (in person or online), events and trade fairs.

Customer service

Do you have a question? Or do you need to talk to someone about grouping together your orders or organising delivery? No problem! The customer service team are always at the end of a phone or email, and you will bump into them at our events as well. They are happy to help you with anything, whether you have questions about our services or are looking for wine advice. The work of Paul and Agathe epitomises customer care at iDealwine.

Supply chain

Managing the flow of orders, checking that they arrive safety at their final destination no matter where it is in the world (we deliver to nearly 40 countries) and finding the best possible delivery solutions are just some of the tasks for this team. Victorien and Léandre are the people that are doing all this for you.

Paul Debard is the head of this team, managing the supply chain team, while also guiding the customer service team from time to time.

Paul, Paul, Agathe, Léandre et Victorien of Customer Serivce and Supply Chain

Seller’s department

The flow of wine available on the iDealwine website is nourished by the collections of our customers consigning their wine, choosing between putting them up for auction or selling them at a fixed price alongside the wine from our 900 partners wineries. This is a crucial department for iDealwine which is managed by Raphaël de Fonscolombe.

Alice, Nicolas, Cristina, Marion and Sophie (who also takes care of Fine Spirits Auction consigners with LMDW) guide our consigners through the different stages of selling bottles with iDealwine, from preparing estimations to organising collection.

Marion, Sophie, Nicolas, Cristina and Alice of the Seller's department

Buyers and Sales administration department

Eloïse, Amicie and Raphaël, our buyers, work with iDealwine’s partner producers on a daily basis. It’s thanks to their fair work that the website is regularly enriched with new producers, wines and the latest vintages.

iDealwine buyers

Our buyers work closely with our sales administration department, led by Michèle who manages Angèle, Josselin, Marika and Laure.

Michèle, Laure and Angèle

The Bordeaux office (Raphaël, Ambre and Hubert) oversees our relationship with Bordeaux properties through iDealwine’s merchant (négoce in French) business, LMGV.

The Bordeaux team: Hubert, Ambre and Rphäel

International Development

Alix Rodarie is in charge of bringing iDealwine to the whole world! After a few years in Hong Kong in the company’s office there, she came back to Pairs in 2019 to lead the international team who manage the English, German and Italian versions of the website and communication in these languages as well as marketing across the globe. They also organise events for our customers and help them with their enquiries. It’s quite a challenge when you think there are over 650,000 members with more than 60 different nationalities spread out around the world. Alix is supported on this mission by a multicultural team consisting of Orlaith, from Ireland, Jessica, from Wales, Paul, our American, Laura, from Italy, and Marion who is French but manages the DACH market.

The international team in the Paris office: Paul, Laura, Alix, Orlaith, Jessica and Marion

Jojo aids the work of the Hong Kong office and Léo spreads the iDealwine word from the Singapore office.

Accounting and HR

This team is made up of Johnson, Laurent, Mary and Andreia (who is the head of Finance and HR). Laurent is our financial assistant, who is accompanied by Johnson in accounting and finance and Mary who deals with customer and supplier accounting in particular.

Johnson, Andreia, Mary and Laurent

Technical development and new projects

Benoît Gancel is in charge of technical development at iDealwine. He leads the Fine Spirits Auction project here as well as being the grand master of the iDealwine Price Estimate and auction data. But that is not all! Benoît is also the head of the WineDex project, these are the blockchain labels stuck to the side of the most valuable bottles to reinforce iDealwine’s appraisal of these rare gems. He is also in charge of several projects that will evolve your favourite wine website.


The expert and warehouse management team

Antoine Gouriou and the expert team take care of the logistical aspects of consigning a collection. Jeoffrey, Ludovic, Henrique, Maxence, Clément, Alexandre 1, Alexandre 2, Paul, Maxime, Lucas, and Quentin form this team that are as meticulous as they are strong, and it goes without saying that they are passionate about wine!

Antonie, Jeoffrey, Ludovic, Henrique, Maxence, Clément, Alexandre 1, Alexandre 2, Paul, Maxime, Lucas, and Quentin

IT and website

Laurent, Steve, Emmanuel, Jérémy, Jordan, Jonathan, Kevin and Camilo are the brains behind iDealwine’s website. They take care of the website’s security, new developments in coordination with our partners, graphic designs, and updates as well as helping the team with their IT requests. It’s no easy task when everyone is coming up with new ideas on a daily basis! As you might have seen if you’ve been with us for a while, the iDealwine website is constantly being developed.

Steve, Laurent, Jontahan, Jérémy, Jordan, Kevin and Emmanuel

Marketing and communication

Under the guidance of Angélique, Elsa manages the marketing and communication team. Thomas leads digital marketing operations with the help of Zoé (who was on holiday when this photo was taken), Juliette and Jordan (who splits his time between the marketing and graphic design teams). Constance (who is on maternity leave), Laure and Victor create the communication, write content and organise events. They particularly like to share food and wine pairings with you as well as their tasting notes and to plan events and attendance at wine fairs so they can meet you, our dear customer, in person. And if you are not yet convinced that you’d like to join the iDealwine team, Juliette, Constance and Victor as well as Alix from the International department all had internships here before coming back to join the company for good!

Juliette, Victor, Elsa, Jordan, Laure and Thomas

Does all this make you want to join the iDealwine team? We wouldn’t blame you because it is the best! Take a look at what positions we’re hiring for.

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