Fine Spirits Auction | Rare Liqueurs Only a Bid Away

A bottle of Ardbeg featuring in the most recent Fine Spirits Auction

The latest auction is now under way on and closes on 8 March. As well as the usual whiskies and rums, this one places Chartreuse centre stage.

The second Fine Spirits Auction of the year is now online with the hammer coming down on the lots on 8 March. It is full of the spirits you love including a certain green liqueur…

More than 900 lots are waiting for you with the crème de la crème of fine whiskies and rums, as always.

When scrolling through the rums available, we found the Magnum series from Velier, named after the famous photograph agency whose photos feature on the bottles. Black and white photos also adorn the bottles from the Caroni and Foursquare limited series. For those looking for French rums, there is the box containing a carafe of Isautier 33 Year Old as well as lots from Depaz Bally, Trois Rivières and La Favorite.

The choice of fine whisky is so large in this auction that you’ll be bound to find something you like. Japanese whiskies are represented by the Tsukuriwake range and limited editions from Hibiki, Hanyu and Karuizawa. Ardbeg 1974, Port Ellen Official Release, Glendronach 1972 and Lagavulin 25 Year Old 200th Anniversary are just some of the superb bottles from Scotland. And last but not least, American whiskey enthusiasts will find lots of Blood Oath, Whistle Pig and Blanton’s among the auction catalogues.

A haven of Chartreuse

Nearly 200 bottles of Chartreuse are set to go under the hammer, including the exceedingly rare ones from Tarragona. The auction also contains a wonderful selection of limited editions such as VEPs (Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolongé – exceptionally long ageing in English), Reine des Liqueurs, Fêtes de la Chartreuse, Liqueur du 9 Centenaire, Fous de Chartreuse, Santa Tecla, Liqueur de Foudre, Tau and the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France cuvée (a cuvée made in collaboration with French Sommeliers). Some of them are also available as a double magnum.

See the lots in the latest Fine Spirits Auction