iDealwine in Singapore | Meet Léo, our Singapore Account Manager

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Hong Kong, Bordeaux, Burgundy and now Singapore! iDealwine has just opened a new office in this Asian country with the aim of building closer relationships with our many loyal customers there. Léo Duquennoy is the iDealwine team member on the ground, leading this exciting new chapter for the company. Join us as we find out more about Léo, his role as the Singapore Account Manager and his passion for wine.

Léo, would you like to introduce yourself?

Hi there! Yes, I’d love to. I’m Léo. 😊 I’ve just turned 26 and I have been living the expat life since I was a child, having previously lived in California, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Originally from Lille, I have an ever-growing love for Asia, a background in business and now an endless thirst for knowledge about the world of wine!

What is your role at iDealwine?

I represent iDealwine in Singapore. My role involves taking care of our wonderful existing customers and looking for wine lovers who haven’t heard of iDealwine yet, presenting our services and selections, and developing our image as the go-to wine auction house and online wine retailer here. Additionally, I organise tastings and dinners for clients. In a nutshell, I am the point of contact for this part of Asia.

Why is iDealwine opening an office in Singapore?

The Asian market is extremely dynamic for iDealwine, and we wanted to give our clients another office in the region that would complement our one in Hong Kong. The proximity of the two cities will allow us to meet the majority of the wine enthusiasts in the area and find out what our customers’ daily needs are so that we can provide them with the services they desire.

What attracted you to this job and city?

As I said, I spent a lot of time growing up in Asia and this job was an excellent way to go back to a continent that holds many fond memories for me and to spend time in Singapore and its neighbouring countries again.

And as for the job, well, I had recently become very interested in wine and as iDealwine has a great reputation, it seemed like a great opportunity for me. The prospect of working in a team (it turns out that this is a well-knit and passionate one) spread across multiple countries also appealed to me as well as the infinite opportunities that the wine market offers.

The fact that iDealwine is a leading wine auction house and online wine retailer around the world is not something that I overlooked when I took on this role. Now, the challenge for me is continuing the company’s brilliant work from Singapore!

You said that wine interests you. What was the wine that sparked your interest?

Yes, it’s a recent interest of mine that I acquired during my first internship in the world of wine at the small VGS Château Potelle winery in California. Their VGS Shiraz has found a special place in my heart and is now, I have to admit, one of my favourite wines.

My best wine tasting memory has to be from the time I was training at Petrus. I had the chance to try the 2011 vintage at a fantastic dinner during which Clos Rougeard 2014 was also served. A brilliant combination and a moment I will not forget!

What wine do you have the most of in your collection?

I have just started collecting wine, so I have small quantities of a few bottles. At the moment, I am creating a Bordeaux collection which includes bottles of Château Pontet-Canet and a bottle of Château La Conseillante.

Tell us about your most recent discovery.

I actually discovered a new wine during a dinner with a client in Hong Kong when they brought out a cuvée produced by Frank Cornelissen. It was a bottle of the not widely known Magma ‘’MC’’ that had been crafted carefully by this Sicilian star.

What is your favourite wine and food pairing?

I am a huge fan of the classic sweet wine and cheese or dessert. In fact, my most recent pairing was a cheese board with a glass of Klein Constantia 2019 from South Africa. It was simply delicious!

What is the wine you like to share with your friends that don’t know a lot about wine?

Thanks to their easy-to-drink nature and the celebratory mood they put you in, I find sparkling wines a good place to start as you can discuss the aromas that appear while introducing friends to the world of wine. Domaine de la Taille aux Loups, for example, produces the Triple Zéro cuvée, which is a very fine wine suitable for all occasions.

What bottle would you like to have tried before you die?

It’s so difficult to choose… but it’d have to be the Chambolle-Musigny Premier Cru Les Amoureuses by Domaine Georges Roumier.

We hope you enjoyed learning more about Léo in this interview and we cannot wait to meet our fantastic customers based in and around Singapore in person!

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