The iDealwine Loyalty Programme – how does it work?

Château Yquem at iDealwine's La Belle Degustation

Some of you have been iDealwine clients since its inception. That’s more than 20 years ago now and that warrants something in return, doesn’t it? Others have discovered our website more recently and some of you have just started building your first collection. No matter how long you have been a customer or how frequently you stop by iDealwine, we would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment. One way we do that is through our loyalty programme. There are several categories, and we would like to take you through them, if that’s okay with you?

Entering the first group in the loyalty programme requires making €500 worth of purchases (excluding en primeurs wines) over the course of 12 months. A few bottles of Champagne, a good bottle of sipping wine for your early evening drinks with friends, a delicious white wine to accompany a fish dish, a sweet wine already slightly amber in colour… it all soon adds up. €40 per month and you are there! You would then be a Privilège customer. The first advantage will be waiting for you as we welcome you into the group; each time you buy fixed-price wines, you will receive a voucher that amounts to 3% of the total of your purchased order. You can use the vouchers you receive to pay for, or partly pay for, your following purchases.

The second stage is a bit more serious; when the orders you place during a year amount to €4000 or above, you’ll move into Club iDéal. The voucher you now receive will amount to 5% of your order’s total. This advantage is still only be linked to your fixed-price purchases and just concerns wines that are sourced straight from the producers.

Tastings and events

As a Privilège or Club iDéal customer, you will also receive other benefits such as invitations to tastings, or the possibility to joining masterclasses and e-tastings at discounted rates. There are also exclusive offers from our partners which allow you to order products associated with wine (glasses, wine fridges, etc.). You will also have priority access to certain prestigious events that iDealwine is associated with. Wine lovers remember dinners like those organised by the Cité du Vin at Guy Savoy, the one at Hôtel de la Monnaie, or the dinner with the Bike to Care association at the Halle aux Grains in Paris for a long time.

Early access to the iDealwine Barometer

Privilège customers and Club iDéal members receive free, early access to the digital version of iDealwine Barometer, which analyses the previous year’s auctions. In this report, which is the only one of its kind produced in the world, iDealwine identifies the domains and bottles that will become the icons of tomorrow for each of the French regions and the rest of the world. Fourteen viticultural areas are analysed in the document with the best-selling domains and wines being ranked. Basically, you’ll have all the information to build a magnificent collection at your fingertips.

Quintessence, an exclusive universe

The Quintessence is another step up. iDealwine customers who enter this inner circle have shown their loyalty to iDealwine through the number of orders they make. As with Club iDéal, €4000 has to have been spent within 12 months, but it’s the regularity of their orders that give them access to this level. It is the cumulative amount of orders a customer makes over the previous five years that opens the doors to the Quintessence universe.

As a member of this group reserved just for private individuals – no professionals are allowed in this intimate circle, sorry – you will benefit from all the advantages that Club iDéal customers have. But there are a few things we keep just for you. For example, you’ll be invited to our grand tasting event where producers are also present as well as prestigious events and dinners where representatives from great winemaking properties and/or members of our team are present in cities such as Paris, London, Hong Kong, and Singapore. There are also events organised in vineyards themselves. These invitations are personal and confidential. Our team will contact you to invite you to these events, taking your preferences into account.

The Quintessence collection

Now we come to the heart of the Quintessence universe, the Holy Grail collection. One of the best things about being a Quintessence member is having exclusive access to a special – and confidential – collection. Each month, the selection of hard-to-find and exquisite wines are updated and enriched. You can find some rare names and old bottles here which come directly from the properties, sometime in large and very large formats. Some domains that sell a few wines through iDealwine don’t always want to be visible on the whole website so their wines can also be found here. Customers never seem to be able to leave this selection, which is carefully put together by our purchasing team, alone for too long. We let you know as soon as new wines have entered the world’s most unique collection.

As a Quintessence customer, you also benefit from a personalised service. One of our customer care managers will be assigned to you and will be on hand when you place orders, organise deliveries or, if the case arises, to resell your wines. And when spring rolls around and you would like to buy Bordeaux wines en primeurs, you can count on our passionate and seasoned team to help you.

If you haven’t yet joined iDealwine’s inner circle of wine enthusiasts, you can rest assured that your loyalty will one day be rewarded. 😀

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