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Our much-awaited gift card is finally here!

We might be one of the only websites in the world to bring out a gift card in the week after Christmas 😉. Fortunately, the year is full of occasions to give wine to your loved ones. Chinese New Year, birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, giving thanks or marking a special event… the possibilities are endless!

What is the iDealwine gift card?

Are you stuck for gift ideas? If you’re struggling to find the right wine for a connoisseur, the iDealwine gift card is the ideal solution! Easy to find on our navigation menu, you can give this gift card either immediately or at a date of your choosing by printing it out or sending it by email. Once it has been received, it is valid on the whole site and can of course be used either once or for several separate purchases.

Your gift

Make your life easy! You can also club together to offer a (big) gift to a loved one. Choose the date at which the card will be sent, and until that date, everyone will have access to contribute to the gift from their account.

You may enter any amount you wish between 25 € and 1000 € or select a predefined amount. And if by any chance the amount isn’t enough for the recipient to buy the bottle of his/her dreams, they can simply pay the difference.

The perks?

Given than at iDealwine, gifts are important and that we encourage creativity, you can choose the design of your gift card. You can also personalize the card by uploading one of your own photos. You can also write a personal message, of course.

If we’ve managed to convince you, it’s time to make people happy…again! 😉

Buy an iDealwine gift card here.

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