The iDealwine beginner’s buying guide

buying guide

Change is in the air at iDealwine: we have just added a new section to the site, a buying guide for beginners.

Given iDealwine’s specialities – auctions and old vintages – in the past, the site attracted an audience of connoisseurs and passionate wine lovers. In recent years, however, with the introduction of our fixed-price sales (via a network of 500 partner domains), things have changed. iDealwine has thus become not only the place for wine enthusiasts but also for beginners wanting to learn more about this most delicious of nectars.

This is even truer since we added a new page to the site, our Buying Guide. How does this handy guide work, we hear you ask? It really is rather simple. Start by choosing a budget (a price bracket), then a colour, and finally a style. You could, say, choose a crisp white wine, to be enjoyed at aperitif or for with seafoods, or rather a powerful red wine to go with meats. For each option, we show you a selection of the wines which best correspond to your criteria. All you need to is choose between these wines! One thing is sure: not only will these wines most probably please your taste buds, they will also impress the more seasoned enophiles of your entourage. Quantities are limited, as at iDealwine, quality – and a great diversity of styles – comes before quantity.

Where do these suggestions come from? Quite simply, we painstakingly sifted through each and every wine on our website, describing and classifying them as accurately as possible. Our internal tastings and time spent at professional tastings allows us to stay up to date with the most recent vintages and new domains.

If, despite this guide, you still don’t know where to start and have no idea of the budget, colour or the style of wine that you’re after, we strongly recommend you peruse our Must-Haves. This selection includes all of the team’s favourite wines. 😊

Here’s to the next glass!