iDealwine now ships to Macau and Taiwan!

Since 2000, iDealwine has developed as a leading online platform brimming with sought-after wines including rare bottles and mature vintages. We’ve established a reputation for excellence in wine authentication and wine market analysis. As wine lovers, we understand that wine is more than a beverage, and that it requires delicate handling; especially when shipping overseas!

The main goal of iDealwine’s shipment service is to deliver your bottles securely, at the right temperature. A seamless temperature-controlled shipment service and solution is our guarantee to clients across the world. So far in 2022, we’ve sent more than 26,000 bottles to Hong Kong and Singapore for a total of 5 million euros, and the year is still far from over.

The great news is customers who are based in Macau and Taiwan can now also enjoy our high-quality air freight shipment service. Your wines will be packed in an Appro Diffusion styrofoam packaging for protection against movement and temperature shocks during transportation.

The price to ship 12 bottles to Macau is €100; to Taiwan is €200.

For more information and shipment schedule, please email

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