iDealwine tools: the most popular wine and the one with the most bids

Think you know the iDealwine website like the back of your hand? But did you know that, for example, there is a feature which allows you to see the most sought-after wine of the moment?

Your favourite wine website is brilliantly made 😉 and today, we are going to tell you about two simple-to-use features that will allow you to see the wines up for auctions that attract the most attention.

Wines with the greatest number of bids

When you are on the auction page, different parameters for sorting the wines are available to you: by price (ascending or descending), date of the auctions closing, vintage… and the number of bids.

This feature allows you to focus on the lots with the highest number of bids (potentially the most popular, but we will come back to this point) or those with the least amount of bids, likely to see their prices be underwhelming. But watch out when using this filter; when you sort the results from the greatest number of bids to the least, you are likely to see some lots that were put up for auction with a starting price of €1 and because of this, they’ve attracted a large number of bids. As you’ve might have guessed, wines put online with a starting price corresponding to their lower estimated price may generate a lot fewer bids. So you have to take this bias into account when using this filter. And if you’d like to search for the lots that are placed online at €1, you can find them all by looking at the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, scroll down to “Advance search” and click on “No reserve price” under “Type of auction”.

The most tracked wines

See the most tracked lots

In the same vein, you can sort the search results by the amount of people who are tracking the lots. This is a way of seeing the most sought-after wines at any given time. In fact, you have the possibility to track every lot put up for auction. This means that you can find the lots that interest you easily from your account (go to “Alerts / Watch” in the menu and then “Watch list”) as well as receiving a reminder email shortly before the auction closes so you don’t miss a beat. Tracking a lot shows an interest in the wine without actually placing a bid. This could be for strategic reasons (waiting until the last minute to show your hand so that you don’t get as much competition from counter-bidders) or out of caution (so you can make sure that the price doesn’t get too high before placing a bid). To summarise, this feature is a great way of seeing which are the most popular wines right now.

There are several other tools for analysing the market available on iDealwine, like the price estimate feature or the monthly auction reports.

Now that you know about all these tools, it’s time to place your bids!