10 most read articles in 2023

Wine glasses and cheese on a barrel overlooking a vineyard

2023 was a busy year for iDealwine with the launch of the German and Italian versions of the website, opening a new office in Singapore, and starting to ship orders to Australia. It was a year of exploration which was mirrored in the articles we shared. We delved into the world of German white wines,  learnt about the devastating impact that phylloxera can have, and explored Scotland and its whiskies.

We are more motivated than ever to share information, news and pairing ideas from the world of wine and here we’re going to take a look at the articles you loved the most last year. So without further ado the top 10 most read articles are…

Drumroll please…

1.      Methuselahs, nebuchadnezzars … what’s in a (bottle) name?

Wine comes in many different bottle sizes, not just the standard 750ml bottle and this article explores the stories behind the different formats and their names.

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2.      Why is it Château in Bordeaux and Domaine in Burgundy?

We often talk about the Châteaux of Bordeaux and the Domaines of Burgundy but why don’t we use the same name for both?

Find out why

3.      5 tips for choosing the right wines to sell before the end of the year

With the start of the new year, the title of this article might give the impression that it’s not relevant anymore, but it contains advice that is applicable year-round.

See our tips

4.      What conditions are needed to produce a great wine? | Part 1

Wine can be made every year but find out what vines need to make wines that shine for many years to come. There is also a Part 2 to this article as the name suggests.

Discover the conditions

5.      iDealwine’s Must Haves: The team’s latest favourites!

Our selection of must-have wines is always available on the website, but we update them regularly to fit the season. The last time we changed the selection, the team tasted the bottles and shared their favourites.

Find out which wines stole our hearts

6.      Sulphur in wine – is it good or bad?

Sulphur in wine is a contentious topic, likely to spark debates among wine lovers. Here we go back to basics and discuss why sulphur is used in the winemaking process.

Discover why people feel so strongly about sulphur in wine

7.      A guide to the grapes of France

Everyone wants to visit France and its vineyards, and you can too even from the comfort of your own home with this article which takes you too all the key French viticultural regions.

Take a tour around France

8.      How to master wine and cheese pairings

Cheese and wine – a match made in heaven! But there’s a bit more too it than pairing a red wine or Port with cheese. Just like in the world of wine, cheese is very different from one region to the next which leads to many pairing ideas.

Discover your new favourite cheese and wine pairings

9.      Updated UK Shipping Policy | Your Brexit Questions Answered!

Brexit is still a major topic even after all this time. This article was updated in March last year when we launched a service for UK customers which means they can pay the duty and taxes on their orders at checkout rather than when orders reach their doorstep.

Read the answers to for UK shipping questions

10. The 10 crus of Beaujolais

The 10 crus in Beaujolais offer wines that differ from each other. In this article, we separated them into three groups: the delicate ones, the structured ones and the ones for cellaring.

Explore the wines of Beaujolais

After having read all these articles, we imagine that anyone would have worked up a thirst so heading to the iDealwine website to buy something to quench it would seem like a very good idea.