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iDealwine’s subsidiary IWA ranked #1 in France

Recently released 2014 figures by the French Council of Auctioneers places International Wine Auction (IWA) – the subsidiary of iDealwine that handles the administration of our online auctions – as the number one for wine auctions in France. We have to confess (blushing slightly) that we are very proud to be officially recognised as the No. 1 French wine auction operator. We are especially proud of our team’s hard work over the last 15 years and the recognition by our ever increasing customer base. Over the last few days, the French Council of…

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Emmanuel Macron and Manuel Valls at the National Assembly.
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Evin Law: the final decision

On the 16th of June, the French Prime Minister and National Assembly officially added a new amendment to the Macron Law, which distinguishes information from advertising. This outcome has been hailed as a victory by the wine industry, even if the adopted definition is somewhat diminished from the initial version by Senator Gérard César. Here is a short chronological summary to conclude this debate about the Evin Law and its definition of advertising: The Evin Law – proposed by MP Claude Évin and passed in January 1991 – aims to tackle the issues…

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A good year for Vinexpo

The 18th edition of Vinexpo took place in Bordeaux last week and is said to have been a great success, with visitor numbers more or less on par with 2013, while exhibitors are commending the quality of these visitors. From Sunday the 14th to Thursday the 18th of June the Bordeaux Exhibition Centre was the hub of this large-scale event. It was the first Vinexpo to be opened by the French president and attracted nearly 48,000 professionals from across the globe. Created in 1981 by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bordeaux,…

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Evin Law change: victory for the wine industry

The amendment to the controversial Evin Law, suggested by Senator Gérard César for a clear distinction between advertising and information regarding wine in France, was adopted by the National Assembly last week. This amendment has been dubbed ‘incomprehensible’ by his opponents, but celebrated by his followers – so what does it really mean? The consideration by the National Assembly committee regarding the new Macron Law (Emmanuel Macron, minister for Economic Affairs) was validated on Thursday, 11th June, against the advice of the government. The amendment of Girondian Senator Gérard César (Republican, former UMP)…

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A world of wine tourism

If you want to discover new and exotic locations, eat delicious food and experience wines from different vineyards, then try wine tourism. Indeed, in these difficult economic times, wine tourism appears to be a useful tool, taking advantage of the growing tourism sector. Both old world and new world countries have their own approaches in this regard. In recent years we have observed the emergence of quality wines, accompanied by wine tourism, from new world wine producing countries such as Australia, Chile, South Africa, California and Argentina. Did you know that the USA…

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1945 – The Victory Year

Today marks the end of the Second World War in Western Europe, when 70 years ago on the 8th of May 1945, Germany unconditionally surrendered. In France, the churches rang out the end of the war and people took to the streets in joyous celebration, while General de Gaulle announced that “victory is ours”. As if to celebrate the end of the war, 1945 is also considered one of the best vintages of all time in Bordeaux! Some wine regions may claim to produce a great vintage, or even a “vintage of the…

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