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Burgundy Grands Crus: prices keep on soaring | Auction report

The sale of the Clos de Tart had not yet been confirmed. However, during the online auctions of 11th and 25th October on iDealwine, many Grands Crus that we thought were already at the top in terms of price, continued to increase. The most prestigious ones indeed reached new thresholds. Is it a simple focus on attractive Burgundy or a sustainable phenomenon? The answer will come in a few months. For now, let's take a look at the exceptional auctions recorded on iDealwine last month. More than €4,000 for a bottle of Montrachet…

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Pomerol star of Bordeaux | Auction report

The appellation Pomerol has attracted the appetite of amateurs during the online auction which ended on 29th August. Let’s discuss this world-famous appellation, and more particularly a cru which is starting to draw attention to it, Château La Fleur Petrus. On the scale of Bordeaux, Pomerol is simply microscopic: it covers 813 hectares which represents barely 0.7% of the vines planted in the region. The fabulous terroir of the appellation, identified in Roman times, was later exploited by the order of St. John of Jerusalem, Knight's Hospitaller. Pomerol was a popular stopover for…

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Domaine Leroy: record bids | Auction report

Icon from Côte de Nuits, Domaine Leroy triggers connoisseur’s interest, because of the excellent level of the wines and their rarity; these wines are almost unfindable on the market. The online auction closed on 27th September featured a rare series of grands crus produced by Lalou Bize-Leroy, which inevitably sparked off record bids. The name of Lalou Bize-Leroy and the one of her domain have Grail value in the imagination of wine lovers. As a great figure of the wine world, she enjoys a fine knowledge of Burgundian terroir since she was a…

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Château Rayas, iconic | Auction report

Both red and white wines from château Rayas have livened up the online auction, which ended on 16th August on iDealwine. Château Rayas occupies a special place in amateurs’ hearts and in the auction landscape. As we have been following the evolution of this mythical domain’s prices from Châteauneuf-du-Pape, for nearly 20 years, we have only very rarely seen them drop. The rarity, of course, and the difficulty of finding wines elsewhere than at the domain (or on iDealwine J) contribute to making Rayas one of the best blue chips among the great…

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Engel, Dujac, Vogüé, Burgundy at the top | Auction report

During July, the auction market was still wide awake! Buyers from all over the world fought for the best wines from Burgundy with continuous rising prices. Beautiful auctions on great Burgundy names During both auctions in July, once again, the famous Burgundy domains have had remarkable performances. Indeed, particularly during the sale that ended on 26th July, Engel, Dujac and Vogüé domains registered prices way above their iDealwine estimates. Domaine René Engel: Domaine René Engel (now called Domaine d’Eugénie since its purchase by François Pinault in 2006) is a vineyard of 7 hectares…

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The 50 most expensive lots and wines sold at auction – 1st half-year 2017

The French public auction regulation authority, the CVV (Conseil des ventes volontaires), has recently ranked iDealwine first French auction house. It is now time for us to reveal the 50 most expensive lots and bottles sold at auction. Brief description of this (very) positive report. Since 1st January, 14 auctions took place on iDealwine platform, with more than 56,000 bottles sold. During these six months, not only have Bordeaux and Burgundy concentrated the largest volume of auctions (68% of the lots sold), but they both literally won the highest bids, with Bordeaux in…

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Leroy cuvées, Europe and Asia fight over them | Auction report

The online auction on iDealwine, closed on 28th June, saw many wines from Domaine Leroy record significant price increases, reaching sometimes exorbitant levels. Domaine Leroy, from Côte-de-Nuits, regularly hits the headlines of our auction reports, with continuous rising prices for these sought-after wines around the world. Once again, during the iDealwine auction, which closed on 28th June, bottles vinified by the famous Lalou Bize-Leroy kindled the lust of French, British and Hong Kong enthusiasts, who didn’t hesitate to increase prices well above iDealwine’s estimates. Domaine Leroy, created in the late 1980s by the…

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2017 first half: already more than 56,000 bottles auctioned on iDealwine

In a market still dominated by Bordeaux and Burgundy Grands Crus, iDealwine sold during this year’s first semester 56,020 bottles (i.e more than 23,000 lots) at auction. Sellers can rub their hands: over the entire period more than 90% of the bottles were sold. During the past months, fine trends have emerged, bringing a breath of fresh air in this sector traditionally amateur of renowned classic names. Between 1st January and 30th June 2017, the iDealwine platform saw more than 23,000 lots (23,679 more precisely) change hands during the 14 online auctions held…

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