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The “Pope of Condrieu” dies

The wine industry was  recently saddened to learn of the death of Georges Vernay. Fondly known as the “Pope of Condrieu” he was a tireless advocate of the Viognier grape and fought throughout his life to promote wines from a village abandoned by producers after the war. “I preferred the wines from the slopes to those from the plains which I thought were mediocre” Georges Vernay stated last November. It wasn’t that long ago in fact that wine from the Rhône Valley was sold in bulk, and producers in the Côte-Rôtie and Condrieu…

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Maison Albert Bichot: United in Diversity

Maison Albert Bichot was founded in 1831. Over the years the company has developed and expanded considerably to become one of Burgundy's most prestigious winemakers. Much of its success can be attributed to the philosophy of Albéric Bichot. Somewhat echoing the motto of the European Union, he firmly believes that that each of his wine estates should keep to a human scale and have autonomy: in varietate concordia!   On Monday, 15th May, the whole iDealwine team enjoyed a day trip to Burgundy. Maison Albert Bichot kindly welcomed us to show us around…

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Domaine Leroy shines in Asia | Auction report

The sale on 10 May offered a collection of truly exceptional grands crus from Domaine Leroy and its white wine counterpart, Domaine Auvenay. It came as no surprise that prices for the wines, which were mostly acquired by Asian buyers, scaled new heights. Domaine Leroy has long been renowned for the larger-than-life personality of its owner Lalou Bize-Leroy, a passionate exponent of biodynamic winemaking. Her scarce wines are already commanding premium ex-domaine prices and are virtually unobtainable on the secondary market, hence the exceptional nature of this sale with a group of approximately…

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iDealwine user guide: paying for orders and storage

iDealwine is now outsourcing wine storage and sales logistics and so payment terms and conditions will therefore be changing. See below for further details about payment deadlines, storage and grouped orders. It will not have escaped your attention that business is booming at iDealwine: with new cellars coming up for auction, themed fixed-price sales (foreign wines, regional sales, sparkling wines) and mature fixed-price sales (bought from private cellars), volumes are soaring! Buyers from over 50 countries are logging on and bidding against each other daily on the site. Sales increased by more than 20%…

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Bordeaux in the spotlight | Auction report

Wine lovers have been quick to acknowledge and praise the diversity of the Bordeaux wines offered for auction at our sale on 10th May. Let's take a look at some of the main trends we've been seeing in this region. No fewer than 800 lots of Bordeaux grands crus changed hands at iDealwine's online auction on 10th May. And there was some fascinating bidding for wines from both sides of the river: naturally, Petrus was the focus of everyone's attention, particularly in an ultra-rare smaller bottle size which – as far as iDealwine…

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April WineDex® indices boosted by the Rhône and Burgundy

Despite a slight slow-down in April, the Rhône Valley has been boosting performance on the iDealwine iDealwine indiceindex for the last year. However, Burgundy has been coming up on the inside track since early 2017. Let’s take a look at the facts. While the CAC 40 has bounced back after the highs and lows of early 2016, prices on iDealwine indices have risen by 6.93% over the last 12 months. This rise has primarily been boosted by the recovery staged by Rhône Valley wines. Spurned for a long time by wine enthusiasts in…

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Jura booming | Auction report

iDealwine's online auction ending on 26th April featured something special: an entire catalogue devoted to wines from France's Jura region. It was a first for a region whose wines had previously attracted the interest of a well-informed but select clientèle. Let's take a closer look at what happened. Jura has been enjoying a boost in connoisseurs' interest for a few months now. Having long been enjoyed by a clientèle of discerning wine lovers, its target market has gradually expanded thanks to the effects of globalisation and the speed at which news now travels.…

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New ways to manage the sale of your wines

As you know, iDealwine is THE place to sell your wines. As well as helping you throughout this process, we have introduced some tools to make tracking and accessing the results of your sales easier. To find out more about the new features our web team has introduced, read on. To sell your wines as efficiently as possible, and for the best price, iDealwine has already introduced wine listings to help you estimate the value of a bottle, a free estimates service and tools for creating and managing a virtual wine cellar. As…

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2017 vintage: French vineyard severely hit by frost

    The spring frosts wreaked havoc across a large portion of the vineyards of eastern France, in Champagne, Burgundy, the Loire valley, Alsace, Jura... and even Languedoc-Roussillon and the South-West. Last week – during the night of Wednesday-Thursday 20 April, to be precise – a number of French wine regions were hit by frost. This event caused even more damage because of the precociously advanced state of the vines' vegetation cycle, as a result of the fine weather and high temperatures of previous weeks. Many regions affected by frost; some growers better…

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