10 good reasons to bid on iDealwine

If you have never bought wine at auction, you may wonder what are the advantages compared to fixed-price sales. Discover here 10 good reasons to start bidding on iDealwine!

  1. An incredible choice

With online auctions twice a month and thousands of great wines available, the choice on iDealwine is beyond compare! During the first half of 2017, 56,000 bottles were auctioned on iDealwine, this shows how vast the choice is.

  1. Find what’s hard to find

On iDealwine, you will discover many treasures: absolute rarities, prestigious wines, available only on allowance or very old vintages – sometimes over a century old!

  1. Good deals

Among all the lots at auction, there are always treasures to discover, if you take a closer look at it, and especially among the lots sold with a starting bid at €1. Auctions will thus enable you to make very good deals! The auction world is open to all budgets.

  1. Comfort

What’s better than being able to bid, in peace and quiet from home? On iDealwine, everything is done from your computer (or your smartphone). You can browse the catalogs and visualize the lots in detail (high definition pics with zooming option, description), bid in one click, follow your bids, pay and be delivered in perfectly adapted packaging.

  1. Becoming an expert thanks to iDealwine

We often talk about good potential deals, but it is often necessary to have basic wine knowledge to be able to find these treasures. That’s why iDealwine offers you a wide range of tools to help you become an expert in the field: wine descriptions, main tasting characteristics, scores from top tasters, vintage guide, blog articles… Without forgetting, of course, iDealwine’s Auction Price Estimates! Are you still hesitating? Read our auction reports that point out the latest trends in the market. You have all the keys to choose the wines that suit you best.

  1. It’s worth the effort

The playful side of auctions is also important to mention: bidders often quickly get caught up in the game and enjoy bidding or even have a slight dose of adrenaline in the final stretch, before the stroke of the electronic hammer!

  1. Safety and security

The online auctions on iDealwine are managed by our subsidiary IWA Auction, an auction house approved by the French public auction regulation authority, the CVV (Conseil des ventes volontaires). We use a state-certified auctioneer responsible for the smooth running of the auctions. Expertise is the strong point of our house, which is among the most serious players in the industry. Each bottle is thoroughly authenticated, inspected, photographed and described by our team of specialists.

  1. Leading European wine auction house

If you choose to buy wines at auction, don’t do it in any auction house! You may as well choose the reliability of the first French wine auction house, which has proved its worth since its creation in 2000 and has established itself as a reference. For the third consecutive year, iDealwine is the leading house in wine auction. In 2016, nearly one out of four bottles (24%) sold at auction in France went through our hands.

  1. A caring team at your service

At iDealwine, we put a lot of effort into federating passionate wine enthusiasts who are happy to share this passion with you, advise you, listen to you and accompany you in your purchases. Astrid, our customer service manager and all the team, is always ready to help and answer by mail or telephone.

  1. And there’s always the possibility to sell the wines you won’t drink

Most wine sellers on iDealwine auctions are above all great enthusiasts, who have often bought too much or whose tastes have evolved. In that case, selling some of your wines via iDealwine proves to be an excellent option!

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