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Tips and tricks for successful wine auctions 

In a recent article, we explained 10 good reasons to bid on iDealwine. Now let’s turn to tips and tricks, you could find useful to succeed in bidding! Maximum bid function The advantage of online auctions versus physical ones is of course that that you don’t have to be physically present, but also that you can bid whenever you want to, especially on iDealwine with the maximum bid option. With this system, you can place a maximum bid at any time and thus avoid to connect in the last minutes of the closing.…

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10 good reasons to bid on iDealwine

If you have never bought wine at auction, you may wonder what are the advantages compared to fixed-price sales. Discover here 10 good reasons to start bidding on iDealwine! An incredible choice With online auctions twice a month and thousands of great wines available, the choice on iDealwine is beyond compare! During the first half of 2017, 56,000 bottles were auctioned on iDealwine, this shows how vast the choice is. Find what’s hard to find On iDealwine, you will discover many treasures: absolute rarities, prestigious wines, available only on allowance or very old…

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