Innovation: iDealwine new home page is live!


iDealwine reveals its new home page. The objective is to make your navigation as smooth as an old claret… See below a snapshot of the changes.

End of 2015, iDealwine received the Innovation Award at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris. We were obviously very honoured but what a pressure!!! From this week, you can now discover our new home page, more modern and user friendly than before.

Special wine recommendations

You’ll still find most of the previous tools you were using but add to this a more tailor made selection of wines grouped under relevant themes (old vintages, new references (any wines never sold on iDealwine before), …). You’ll be able to access them in a click.

WIne Selection

A new search engine

One of the main comments from our customers was the search engine. It has also improved significantly in this new phase. Note that if you are looking for a price estimate, you won’t find it anymore on the home page but following the “Estimate” button at the top of the page. Here again you’ll experience a much better search engine including an auto-completion tool displaying a list of wine suggestions.

Search tool


The latest articles from Le Blog iDealwine

The latest articles published on Le Blog iDealwine will be displayed on the home page.

Le Blog iDealwine

In this period of transition, please be patient as there might be a few options or links that are not necessarily working as expected, don’t hesitate to share your feedback and apologies for any inconvenience… work in progress!



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