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Highest Winning Bids | Reflecting on six months of auctions in 2021

Six months into 2021, iDealwine unveils the list of the most expensive wines sold at auction. In three words, Burgundy reigns supreme.

Fine Spirits Auction | Whisky in All its Beauty – from Japan to 80s Malts

An overview of the collection of 1980s malts and rare Japanese whiskies all listed in the latest Fine Spirits Auction

Frédéric Cossard (Domaine de Chassorney) | The All Natural Winemaker

Uncompromising winemaker Frédéric Cossard makes stripped back but elegant wines, highly sought after by enthusiasts.

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Château Taillefer | The History of Claire Moueix, from iron to truffle

Produced on a unique terroir rich in iron oxide, the 5th generation of the Moueix family continues to produce elegant and precise wines.

Domaine des Vignes Oubliées | Vines Brought Back to Life

Read more about the forgotten Terrasses du Larzac vines rescued by Olivier Julien and Jean-Baptiste Granier in 2008.


Top Pinot Noir and Chardonnay from Around the World

Read more about the two grapes that have won over wine lovers and winemakers from all over the whole world.

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Château Kefraya | Jewel of Lebanon

Since 1979, this Lebanese vineyard nestled in the Bekaa plain has been producing wines of exceptional quality.

Clos des Lunes | Dry White Wine in Sauternes

Located in the Sauternes region, Clos des Lunes is highly unusual in that it only produces dry white wines. Olivier ...

Just in! | An Anthology of Exceptional Wine

iDealwine has put together an extraordinary selection of wines for you. Don’t miss out, these iconic wines are sure to be snapped up!