Château Palmer white wines go on sale for the first time

chateau-palmer-blancThe news may have slipped under the wine world’s radar, but Château Palmer has just released its 2014 white (the first time these wines have carried a price tag)… on the Hong Kong market.

Have you had the chance to try a white Château Palmer yet? This tiny production, launched in 2007, had until now been reserved for the estate’s owners, and served at private receptions. The fact is that hardly any Médoc châteaux produce white wines, although some have been taking steps towards doing so over the last few years. There is, however, a history of white wine production at the region’s estates, as at Château Palmer – where two bottles of 1925 white were found at the château in the late 1990s. A few years later, the château decided to plant white grape varieties.

Château Palmer’s white wine is a blend of Muscadelle and Sauvignon Gris, with fewer than 1,500 bottles produced per annum. It will be available at Hong Kong’s Tin Lung Heen restaurant – which has had the privilege of receiving an exclusive consignment – from now until 31 July, as part of a six-course menu created by Chef Paul Lau and sommelier Benson Yan. The selected wine for this meal includes several Château Palmer classics, including the first and second labels of different vintages. However, the price tag for this dinner is a cool $HK 2,888 (around €327), or $HK 1,888 for lunch – plus $HK600 for a glass of Palmer Blanc.

This Margaux grand cru has long enjoyed an enviable reputation among English-speaking customers. Now, Château Palmer has chosen Asia to promote this exclusive new wine. Let’s hope that one day, the wine lovers of France may also be judged worthy of a similar privilege.


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