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Beaujolais is the land of Gamay with the variety representing 97% of the vines planted in the region. Beaujolais and Beaujolais Villages offer enjoyable expressions of the grape, while the 10 crus (do you know them?) complete our abundant range with delicate and structured wines as well as some made for ageing.

10 Beaujolais crus to try

Beaujolais contains 10 crus (in addition to the two appellations of Beaujolais and Beaujolais Village). Each one of these crus have their own characteristics, and in this list, you will find wines that highlight off all their nuances:

Iconic natural domains

For many years, these two natural domains natures have been known for their high-quality production as well as their consistency. They really are icons of Beaujolais!

  • Marcel Lapierre: This is the go-to domain for fine natural wine from Beaujolais. Certified organic and employing biodynamic principles for nearly 40 years, the vineyard is managed in the purest traditional way, while the wine is made according to natural practices, or as natural as possible. What is more, the wines possess an incredible charm and crisp fruit as well as being delicious, fresh and ethereal. If you open them now, you are guaranteed to enjoy them or you can leave them to age for a few years, especially the Morgons which age gracefully!
  • Jean Foillard: A real favourite of iDealwine, Jean Foillard is a symbolic figure in the natural wine movement. This winemaker quickly worked out how to magnify the terroirs of Morgon and Côte du Py in his wines that are smooth and silky as well as being concentrated and made for ageing. A must-have winemaker that is one of the most sought-after  in the region.

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