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May auctions | Auvenay, Domaine des Miroirs, Sine Qua Non

In France and abroad, collectable bottles and vintages are much sought after. We look back at these auctions, yet another ode to rarity…

Private Collection | The finest of Burgundy

This passionate wine lover’s private collection is packed with the greatest Burgundy wines.

Auction Favourites | Mature Fine Wine to Usher in the Autumn

Even if the temperatures are not very autumnal right now, it is autumn, and we have a brilliant selection of delicious wines that pair well with seasonal produce.

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Auction top picks | Glittering Champagne and the Krug dynasty

As French vines turn gold, let’s focus our attention on the brilliance of Champagne - Collection 1988 by Krug, Cuvée S 2002 from Salon, and others.

Auction top picks | A Meursault icon, Coche-Dury in its prime

Bid on this most renowned of Burgundy treasures, plus a unique special catalogue.

Auction top picks | Mature Burgundy and a 100% Roumier catalogue

We’ve got a prestigious one to ring in the arrival of autumn, and you won’t want to miss these bottles.

Auction top picks | Fine wines from 1937 to today

A trip back in time is in order, with some especially mature bottles waiting for your bids.

Auction top picks | Burgundy’s finest terroirs

New auction, new opportunity to get your hands on some fine wine!

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Auction | Fine Wine & Rare Vintages from 1900 to 2021

Catalogue highlights include rows and rows of Bordeaux and Burgundy now in their drinking windows

Top auction picks | Plus special catalogues

Keep an eye out for Raveneau, Bizot, Domaine des Miroirs and more.