Auction top picks | Glittering Champagne and the Krug dynasty

krug bottles

As French vines turn gold, don’t miss this prestigious auction which includes the most beautiful Champagnes such as Collection 1988 by Krug, Extra-Brut Millésimé 2008 by Jacques Selosse, and Cuvée S 2002 by Salon.

Did you enjoy the sun last weekend? I was in Burgundy myself where the Côte-d’Or was demonstrating exactly why it is called just that. October is often very mild, and for about a fortnight, the vineyards turn gold and shimmer in the sunshine. This beautiful autumnal display occurs after the harvest and about 14 days before the vines don their simpler winter attire. The leaves are golden, warm and ornate, and sometimes turn red, brown, crimson, copper or amber.

Glittering Champagne

These brilliant colours lead us a couple hundred kilometres north, to Champagne, the capital of prestigious sparkling wines. In this auction, we have non-vintage Champagnes (108 lots) and vintage bottles from 1962 to 2020 (112 lots), but make sure you don’t miss the showstoppers:

The Krug dynasty

When Johann-Joseph Krug founded the House of Krug in 1843, he dreamt of lending his name to a unique Champagne. He only had one rule – never compromise. He would certainly be happy to see the obstinate perfectionism that still exists at every step of the production process six generations later with Olivier Krug at the head of the House.

Krug is one of the very few Champagne houses to only produce prestige cuvées. Its global reputation comes from its unique expertise in Champagne-making, combining patience and excellence. Krug is the only major brand to ferment all of its Champagne in small oak barrels, a delicate operation which gives the Champagne intense aromas and rich, complex flavours. Among the unique wines included in this auction, you’ll find:

  • Collection 1988: a unique and rarely seen Champagne, available only in the most exceptional vintages as was the case in 1988. Its abundance of aromas, creaminess and sublime finish are what makes it stand out.
  • Brut Grande Cuvée 163ème, 164ème or 168ème Edition: This range embodies everything that Joseph Krug, founder of the House, wished to convey with his Champagnes – richness and elegance.
  • Brut 2002: It beautifully reflects 2002 while remaining faithful to the style of the House – an intense, fruity palate and quite simply an exceptional finish.

Other icons to discover

These wines from other French regions and the rest of the world fall into other categories for this auction and should also not be missed. They are:

I hope you enjoy the auction!