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Montrachet 2016… no production?

Following a harsh frost this spring, six of the most prestigious estates for the Montrachet appellation will only be producing a single wine between them this year, in micro quantities, which will probably never be marketed. Vineyards were hard hit by bad weather and in particular a frost at the end of April this year, so harvests are likely to be very small in some areas. Unfortunately Montrachet is one of them. Aubert de Villaine hinted to us in September that this was the case, and Le Point has recently confirmed it. Six…

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Invest into wine: a few tips

Evidently, visitors to iDealwine are first and foremost devoted connoisseurs who have come to find some really great wines. Even so – and this is entirely understandable – they'd like some reassurance when buying that they can at least resell their wines, should they fall upon straightened circumstances... or need to make room for other wines! This article, therefore, will deal with some common questions we often hear from our customers. Although it isn't iDealwine's usual philosophy to encourage our customers to invest in wine, we are nonetheless in a privileged position from…

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Auction Report: Top Sauternes are back!

  A great series of rare and mature wines from Château d’Yquem featured in the auction closed on the 12th October on iDealwine. A great opportunity to showcase the potential of fine Sauternes in the very long term… Wines of Château d’Yquem where indeed honoured in this sale with bids arising from many parts of the world, mainly from France, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, the US and Mexico. This international battles led to record prices for the most iconic vintages. The legendary 1945, sold for example for €4,080 a bottle, +57% compared…

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Sparkling and spirits boost French wine exports in the first half of 2016

In the first half of 2016, exports of French wines and spirits grew by 1% to €5.3 billion - an historic level. However, these figures hide some major disparities. Spirits (+4% in value) and sparkling wines (+4% in value) drove sales, but falling production in recent years means still wines are in decline (-3% in volume, -2% in value). Sector boosted by spirits and sparkling wines Sales of sparkling wines overseas continued to grow both in value (4%) and volume (1.1 billion) in the first half of the year. These figures are down…

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September Auction Report: Clos Rougeard breaks more world records

Wines from the most famous producer in Saumur-Champigny are on a roll. At the latest online auctions on 28th September, two magnums of Le Bourg and Les Poyeux fetched record prices. The bidding goes on and the records pile up for Clos Rougeard wines (read iDealwine's article on the Drinks Business). A few days ago, the estate's flagship vintages, Le Bourg and Les Poyeux, went up for sale in the much rarer magnum format. Fierce bidding for the most famous Saumur Champigny in the world pushed prices to unprecedented heights. A 2011 Le…

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