Want to have your favourite wines on holiday with you?

Holidays are meant for both rest and pleasure. We’re thinking about wonderful dishes that seem to taste better because you’re on holiday, accompanied by beautiful wines from your favourite online wine retailer. So, here’s a little iDealwine tip that will allow you to have just that on your summer holidays – have your wines delivered to your holiday destination.

Situations to avoid for a brilliant time away

Situation 1: Mr and Mrs Smith are finishing off packing the boot of their car when they realise that they haven’t packed the bottles of wine they had wanted to take with them for their holiday barbecues. The bottles ended up being placed at the feet of the mini-Smiths. Not the best place for them on the long trip to their holiday home…

Situation 2: After having made good progress on packing her rucksack to join friends for a weekend away in the Netherlands, Miss Jones realised that she didn’t have space to add the bottle of Champagne she’d set aside to celebrate her new job, nor was there space for the two bottles she wanted to taste blind with her wine-loving friends. Space or no space, she was going to take them. So, she packed a second bag and looked like a pack mule when she arrived at the train station in London…

If you don’t want to find yourself in a situation like this, we have the solution just for you – have your wines delivered straight to the door of your holiday destination.


It’s quite simple.

We hope you have an excellent summer!