Say Goodbye to US Wine Tariffs!

No US tarrifs on French Wine

Have you heard the good news?

On Friday March 5th 2021, US and EU authorities agreed to suspend the 25% tariffs that affected our favorite wines! While the agreement is due to last four months iDealwine is thrilled by this news and is happy to announce there has never been a better time to replenish your cellar!

Headquarters in France and shipping wine from our storage facilities just outside Paris, iDealwine has always made sure bidding on and buying wine is straightforward and hassle free for our US customers. It’s just got easier though, as now there will be no tariffs to pay upon receipt of wine.

Time to celebrate and uncork that bottle of vintage Champagne!

Champagne is our first port of call when celebrating good news (we are French after all and it will always have a special place in our hearts) but in this case, Champagne is the one French wine we are not uncorking! Champagne of the very few wines that was exempt from US tariffs since they were introduced in 2019, it’s more apt to uncork a mature Bordeaux, iconic Burgundy, or any other special bottle to celebrate the good news!

Now there’s no tariffs, what do I need to know about ordering wine from France to the USA?

  1. As an online seller of mature wines, iDealwine is able to ship directly with no intermediaries. iDealwine has a relationship with over 700 partner properties, and we offer their local vineyard price. No middleman, just the winery price.
  2. Shop in US dollars. Simply look for the Globe icon on our homepage and change to language and currency of choice.change currency on
  3. The price displayed on includes 20% VAT. This can be refunded for many wines. We have a filter for this you can find it at the bottom of our ‘Advanced Search’ options.
  4. iDealwine has almost 10 years’ experience delivering to the USA and we deliver to all states! Whilst order preparation and shipping documents can sometimes take a little while (it can take up to 15 days for US customs documents to arrive at iDealwine, unfortunately we have no way of shortening this period) however once the boxes are shipped, they’ll be with you in around 3-4 days. Plus, we use protective packaging designed especially for transporting wine, so there’s no need to worry about damage from heat or movement.
  5. When you order a box of 12 bottles, our shipping costs work out at a very reasonable $9 per bottle (subject to currency exchange). You can find the full details about delivery fees here.refund VAT on wine after Brexit
  6. As France’s favourite wine auctioneer, the range of fine cuvées we have on offer is unmatched and backed by 20 years of experience in curating exceptional selections. Each bottle that we source is evaluated and authenticated by our expertise team and kept in optimal conditions in our warehouses.
  7. Our customer service team is with you every step of the way and is happy to help with any questions you may have. Get in touch by email at, using this form, or by telephone. We have a toll-free US number, though please note that our team works French hours only (9am-6pm, Monday to Friday). For night owls in New York, that means you can reach us directly between from 3am until 12 noon at (+1) 646-513-4308. Outside these hours, please contact us via email.

What to bid and buy now that tariffs are lifted?

Bid on to your heart’s content on any French, Spanish, German wine that takes your fancy. Our auctions are rolling – we launch a sale almost every week of the year –  so set up an alert, as now is the perfect chance to net the bottle you’ve been dreaming of for years!

Lacking inspiration but know you’re looking for some French flavour? Take a look at iDealwine’s “Must Have” selection. Boasting around 50 wines at fixed prices, it’s the ideal place from which to start if you’re looking to replenish your cellar and contains wines from every major winemaking region in France (and further afield). iDealwine’s in-house “Tasting Committee” regularly reviews this selection, to double and triple check everything in this range is worthy of its spot.

Outside of our Must Have selection, some of the world’s favourite German and Spanish wine producers can be found by searching and by “iconic wines” or filtering by “rising stars”. You’ll find the usually unfindable Schartzhorfberger Kabinett from Egon Muller and the superb Spätlese from renowned winemaker Dunnhoff. From the Iberian Peninsula, so many wine producer spring to mind – Daniel Jiménez-Landi of Comando G and Bodega Aalto (ranking in the top 100 wines of the world). All of these beauties belong to iDealwine’s range of wines for sale right now. At auction? iDealwine’s auctions are constantly rolling, in fact last year an auction launched almost every week of the year!

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