The Fine Spirits Auction Christmas wishlist

Yoichi Single Malt which is part of our Fine Spirits Auction Christmas wishlist

Your nearest and dearest are fans of spirits? Don’t miss out on this chance to offer them the bottle of their dreams! The latest Fine Spirits Auction has everything you’re looking for.

Before we dive into the wishlist, we should say that all the prices we’ve used in this article are based on the estimate for the lots. Unfortunately, we are not clairvoyant and can’t predict what their final prices will be.

Gifts under €50 

There are numerous opportunities on FSA to find spirits with prices that won’t break the bank and it is entirely possible to find liquid history for less than €50.

Take Johnnie Walker Red Label that was distilled in the 1950s and bottled in the 60s, for example. It’s one of the most well-known and popular blends sold around the world today. Purchasing this bottle would allow you (or the lucky person you chose to give it to) experience the “Old Bottling Effect” that gives old spirits a patina effect.

We shouldn’t overlook the bottles of French brandies from the 1980s and 90s that can be found in the auction either. If you’re looking for Armagnacs, there is L’Encantada 1988 from Domaine del Cassou which bottles its spirits independently according to Gascon tradition, for example. 

Gifts between €50 and €150

Here, we’ll focus on the bottles crafted by Cadenhead, the illustrious independent Scottish bottler founded in 1842. This producer is known for the quality of its selected casks, many of which are left unembellished – as cask-strength single cask whiskies. Nearly 700 bottles are available in this FSA auction at attractive prices (our price estimates), and you’ll find several Scottish gems that fall into the above budget.

Here are a few must-haves:

  • Strathclyde 24 Year Old 1989 – Current price €50, estimated price €80
  • Mortlach 14 Year Old 2003 Rum Cask (Guyana) – Current price €60, estimated price €90
  • Bowmore 11 Year Old 2000 – Current price €70, estimated price €120
  • Balblair 23 Year Old 1990 – Current price €80, estimated price €120
  • Aberlour 21 Year Old 1989 – Current price €90, estimated price €140
  • Ben Nevis 21 Year Old 1996 one of 174 bottles – Current price €100, estimated price €150
  • Benriach 29 Year Old 1986 – Current price €110, estimated price €160
  • Bruichladdich 27 Year Old 1988 – Current price €120, estimated price €180
  • Longrow 15 Year Old 2002 – Current price €120/€130, estimated price €180 (for those of you who are tempted by this whisky, there are two lots available)
  • Glendronach 23 Year Old 1990 one of 534 bottles – Current price €140, estimated price €220
  • Glenfarclas 30 Year Old 1988 – Current price €150, estimated price €250

Gifts that are more than €150

For this budget, how about a legendary Japanese whisky…

A few examples include:

  • Longrow 17 Year Old of pure malt – Current price €150/€160, estimated price €250 (for those of you who are tempted by this whisky, there are five lots available)
  • Chichibu The Peated 2011 – Current price €180, estimated price €250
  • Miyagikyo 12 Year Old – Current price €180, estimated price €280
  • Nikka Tsuru 17 Year Old in a ceramic decanter – Current price €200, estimated price €300
  • Yoichi 12 Year Old – Current price €200/€210, estimated price €350 (for those of you who are tempted, there are five lots available)

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