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Natural wine, Isabelle Legeron MW

Today "natural" wines are moving things and divide connoisseurs. Yet, these wines have their share of mystery. What is basically a natural wine? Isabelle Legeron’s approach is, in this respect, very interesting. This Master of Wine went in the domains, in the fields to lead the investigation: in the light of her tastings and meetings in the French vineyard and around the world, she reports in this book her journey and provides an independent and convinced perspective. Master of Wine Isabelle Legeron is above all a natural wine lover. That's why she wanted…

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Natural wine: booming at auction

For a few months now, a new phenomenon has emerged on iDealwine online auctions: some marginal wines, called natural wines or “nature” wines have soaring prices. Is this a simple fad or a new long-lasting trend? What should we think of this surprising inflation and will it concern an increasing number of domains? Analysis. Several renowned bottles have seen their prices increase tremendously, like Lafite-Rothschild, Romanée-Conti and Clos Rougeard. For such names to be expensive, it’s quite normal. What’s worrying amateurs is that even lesser very qualitative bottles are becoming more expensive like…

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Champagne Bourgeois-Diaz: head in the stars

In the kingdom of Pinot Meunier, in Crouttes sur Marne, halfway between Reims and Paris, the vines from Champagne Bourgeois-Diaz have thoroughly become biodynamic, since 2009. Over a few years, Jérôme Diaz became the preacher of this philosophy which glows through his sharp cuvées. Would you like to taste them? Back to basics In his youth, Jérôme Diaz didn’t want to work at the domain. He used to help his parents in the vineyard, but it bored him. He wanted to work in the trade and ended up in an industrial supply company…

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