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Vineyards of the world: South Africa, Australia, New Zealand

Wines from South Africa Although vine cultivation has a much longer history in this country, the wines of South Africa rose to world fame thanks to Klein Constantia, the wine drunk by Napoleon during his exile on St. Helena. However, the country's vineyards have endured many hardships since then. Firstly, because of the commercial embargo as a result of apartheid; and secondly, because of a national fall in wine consumption. The wine industry has succeeded in its move upmarket, and South Africa has regained its previous status. The country's vineyards are located mainly…

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A world of wine tourism

If you want to discover new and exotic locations, eat delicious food and experience wines from different vineyards, then try wine tourism. Indeed, in these difficult economic times, wine tourism appears to be a useful tool, taking advantage of the growing tourism sector. Both old world and new world countries have their own approaches in this regard. In recent years we have observed the emergence of quality wines, accompanied by wine tourism, from new world wine producing countries such as Australia, Chile, South Africa, California and Argentina. Did you know that the USA…

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Jancis Robinson on the evolution of wine since 1985

Last week, the famous wine critic Jancis Robinson published an article on her website in which she analyses the evolution of wine and viticulture around the world since 1985. Some of the factors that emerged from this analysis include the globalisation of the wine trade, "francisation" of grapes around the world, the emergence of New World wines, the globalisation of tastes and wines, and finally, in a kind of countermovement, the promotion of identity and uniqueness of terroir. In 1985, Australia exported only 2% of its wine production (compared to 60% today). This…

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