South-West | 20 highest-priced bottles at auction this year so far

South west

Our regional auction analysis takes us to the South-West, where mature vintages and large-format bottles have pride of place.

These rankings take into account the most expensive cuvée from a property, converting its price to the price per 75cl bottle, making it easier to draw comparisons. What’s more, for the sake of clarity, we’ve divided our rankings in two: reds on the one hand; whites and sweet wines on the other.

A quest for the best vintages                                                       

South-West wines sold well during the first six months of 2019, with the most expensive bottle selling for €252. Whether they are red, white or sweet wines, only the best vintages make it into the rankings: 1990, 2000, 1989, 1998, for the most part bought by private French buyers. Sweet wines make up nine of the 20 wines in the list.

Red wines

Among our red wines, the 1985 vintage stands out, with three bottles out of eight. Large formats are particularly coveted, with several magnums and double magnums. This semester, the Cahors appellation monopolized our rankings, represented by well-reputed estates such as Château du Cèdre (3rd), Clos Triguedina (4th), and Domaine Lagrezette (1st). The sole exception is Alain Brumont’s Madiran 1998, sold at €40, in 5th place.

# Highest-priced bottles  Price (inc.VAT) per 75cl bottle
1 1 bottle of  Cahors Château Lagrezette Le Pigeonnier 1997              109 €
2 1 magnum of Cahors Clos de Gamot Cuvée Centenaire Jean Jouffreau 1985                 81 €
3 3 bottles of  Cahors Château du Cèdre Cuvée G C 2003                 55 €
4 1 bottle of  Cahors Clos Triguedina Probus 1978                 50 €
5 1 bottle of  Cahors Cosse-Maisonneuve  La Marguerite 2012                 43 €


White and sweet wines

For the third year running, the same south-western star occupies first place of our white and sweet wine podium: Clos Juliette’s Jurançon, a wine that is as exceptional as it is rare, with only 1,500 bottles produced every year. Won for €252, this bottle is one of four white wines sold for over €100. In second and third place respectively, a Monbazillac from Château de Fonvieille in a collectable vintage, 1923 (€243) and a 2000 Jurançon from Domaine Cauhapé (€116). The rest of our rankings is just as prestigious, with a rare bottle of Cuvée Madame from Château Tirecul La Gravière (€85).  Jardins de Babylone 2004 from domain Dagueneau is also a rarity, as one of the first vintages from this 3-hectare domain. Having gone under the hammer at €109, the bottle sits in fourth place of our top 20.


# Highest-priced bottle  Price (inc.VAT) per 75cl bottle
1 1 bottle of  Jurançon Clos de la Joliette Sec 1970              252 €
2 1 bottle of  Monbazillac Château de Fonvieille Réserve du Theulet 1923              243 €
3 2 bottles of  Jurançon Domaine Quintessence du Petit Manseng Cauhapé Folie de Janvier 2000              116 €
4 3 bottles of  Jurançon Jardins de Babylone Didier Dagueneau  2004              109 €
5 1 bottle of  Bergerac Château Tour des Gendres Anthologia Famille de Conti 2001                 97 €


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