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Are you in need of good news this month? Calling all Hong-Kong based customers: iDealwine is lowering its shipping costs to this destination!

As you know, iDealwine has one aim: to unearth the most sought-after wines and make them accessible in just a few clicks. Having started out in France, our mission soon won over wine enthusiasts all over the world. Since 2013, our Hong Kong office accompanies our Asian customers, who have been impressed by our service and the quality of our range.

Asia – and particularly Hong Kong – is brimming with wine connoisseurs. Hong Kong is Asia’s undisputed capital of wine and iDealwine’s success over the course of the past few years is proving to be consistent. For that matter, in 2018 alone, we’ve already sent more than 10 000 bottles to Hong Kong for a total of 1.7 million euros, and the year is still far from over… With an average price per bottle of around 170€, from the Bordelais Grand Cru and unique gems of Savoie, to the extremely rare Bourgogne cuvee, shipments to Hong Kong are a prolific yet eclectic bunch!

Twice a month, palettes leave our warehouse headed for Hong Kong. The cost of these temperature-controlled shipments corresponds with the volume of wine shipped: an increase in volume sent to Hong Kong is synonymous with… decrease in shipping costs. From 5th September, the price to ship 12 bottles will go from 90€ to 72€. A great reason to come back from your holidays!

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