Perrine Fenal named new co-director of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti

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Together with Aubert de Villaine, Perrine Fenal is named the new co-director of mythic Domaine de la Romanée-Conti, succeeding her cousin, Henry-Frédéric Roch, who passed away last November.

Domaine de la Romanée-Conti has been managed by a partnership of two people for some years now: Aubert de Villaine and “Lalou” Bize-Leroy from 1974 to 1991, then in 1992, Charles Roch took his aunt’s place, then after his accidental death, his brother Henry-Frédéric Roch took over the running of the domain.

DRC’s website reads: “Perrine has always felt deeply attached to the domain, both professionally and personally. As a child, she would often accompany her grand-father M. Henri Leroy, then her mother Lalou Bize-Leroy. From 1992 to 2004, the company Perrine Fenal S.A. was an importer and distributor of the domain’s wines in western Switzerland.”

She was chosen by her family and named by the domain’s general assembly on 23rd January 2019. In 2004, she had already been appointed a member of the supervisory board, following in the footsteps of her aunt Pauline Roch. Today, Pauline’s daughter, sister of Henry-Frédéric Roch, Isabelle Roch has taken over the role.

Price estimates of Domaine de la Romanée-Conti

Wine Vintage 2015 price
2019 price
% increase
Romanée-Conti 2015 € 17,519
Romanée-Conti 2010 € 9,265 € 14,835 60.12%
Romanée-Conti 1990 € 12,140 € 20,639 70.01%
La Tâche 2015 € 4,561
La Tâche 2010 € 2,520 € 4,122 63.57%
La Tâche 1990 € 3,630 € 5,905 62.67%
Montrachet 2015 € 7,263
Montrachet 2010 € 7,590
Montrachet 1990 € 3,206 € 4,757 48.38%


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