iDealwine WineDex® outperforms CAC40 at the end of summer

iDealwine iDealwine indice100 index has increased by 6.50% since January and outperformed the CAC40, which increased by 5.48% at the end of August 2017. This increase is due to an excellent performance of Burgundy wines.

iDealwine’s indices are at the top since the beginning of the year. As a reminder, the iDealwine indices measure the price fluctuations of a selection of top Bordeaux, Burgundy and Rhône wines at auction. These indicators are calculated from the iDealwine auction price estimates, and each of the wines included in the indice iDealwine selection are declined in the 10 most recent vintages available at auction (currently 2003-2012). The iDealwine indice100, which aggregates the wines of these three regions, has thus increased by 6.50% since beginning 2017. A higher performance than the flagship index of the Paris Stock Exchange, whose rise in the beginning of the year was slowed down from May onwards, to a moderate performance at the end of August at 5.48%. The steady increase for Burgundy grands crus prices contributes significantly to the overall result, as the iDealwine indiceBurgundy index increased by 7.84%. On the other hand, Bordeaux prices stagnated during the summer – they remained virtually stable in August at +0.44% – and their performance since the beginning of the year is limited to an increase of 3.35%. Rhône index is also below-average, as it “only” rose by 5.76%. Therefore, Burgundy pulls the performance upwards: this situation has been going on for several months, fuelled by the scarcity of wines, sustained by the low quantities available, even in recent vintages.

Burgundy: forever and always at the top in auctions

The latest online auction, closed on 30th August 2017, confirmed the strong position of Burgundy wines, with the remarkable results for wines from Côte de Nuits. Domaine de la Romanée-Conti La Tâche drew bidders’ attention: the 2005 was bought for €3,283 by a French amateur (+13%), while the 2002 went for €2,675 (+14%) to Hong Kong. The 2006 and the 2001 were respectively auctioned €2,554 (+12%) and €2,371 (+ 16%). The other exceptional crus of the domain also attracted great auctions: Richebourg 2003 went for €1,763 (+%) and Grands-Echézeaux 2001 for €1,216 (+27%). The most-sought after names don’t have to wait long to thrill bidders, Emmanuel Rouget Vosne-Romanée Cros Parantoux 2014 “already” reaches €1,094 (+6%). Another now-recurring phenomenon at iDealwine auctions is the success of Engel wines (renamed Eugénie since it was rebought). The vintages prior to the purchase are loved, as the success of Vosne-Romanée Les Brûlées 1995 auctioned €395 (+103%) to a Russian amateur, illustrates it.

In the wake of these great names, other producers even more confidential, not yet in the spotlight, see their price estimates appreciate. That’s why Jacky Truchot Clos-de-la-Roche 2005 rose to €1,155 (+36%). A Danish amateur won this bottle, after a bitter bidding battle. A battle, which is now global.

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