French Friday not Black Friday | iDealwine’s Values

There will be no Black Friday this year at iDealwine, instead we are celebrating French Friday, and remembering the values that are important to our community of wine lovers.

In recent years, the American post-Thanksgiving tradition of Black Friday has firmly cemented itself in France. From the outset, we were sceptical. Black – it’s such a sag, gloomy, grim colour, the colour of mourning.  Couple that with the light fading earlier and earlier on these winter evenings, and the nights lengthening, it was hard to get on board…

Sometimes Black Friday – with all of its monster promotions, end of line discounts, and more than half price sales – feels like a punch in the stomach for small businesses. It’s the antithesis everything we stand for, practice, and believe in.

So, instead of Black Friday, iDealwine is proud to celebrate French Friday. That isn’t to say that we don’t have any deals on the site – after all, we are the ones who established price estimates on the Cote de Vins side of the site – so chasing a good bargain is in our blood just as much as our passion for wine.

French Friday for us is celebrating l’esprit français – a little savoir-faire, a helping of savoir-vivre, and a touch of je-ne-sais-quoi.

iDealwine’s mission statement is in service of wine, those who make it and those who share it.

Beyond our passion for the world of wine, what drives us within the iDealwine team is artisanal spirit. The haute couture craftsmanship of winemaking inspires us to carry out our work meticulously – to offer our expert advice and to bring new auctions to you. At iDealwine, we pride ourselves on our innovative and creative spirits, and are always looking for new ways to bring wine to you, whether that be through auctions, on our blog or on social media.

Esprit Français or French spirit is also a curious soul, which has brought us closer to our customers and closer to our partner domains. This curiosity has allowed us to taste and re-taste the wines of our partners, to make sure we are bringing the best to our customers (it’s a tough job…). We are delighted to now have over 700 partner domains on board – with whom we have forged long-term partnerships, and also sincere, solid, loyal friendships. These partnerships have been strengthened since the start of 2020, in order to compensate for the temporary closure of some traditional distribution channels. In partnership with these domains, our team has risen to every challenge 2020 has thrown our way: the pandemic of course, and the economic difficulties that come with it, American tax increases …Bring on 2021!

iDealwine’s French Friday

Today, we would like to express our gratitude, and our absolute respect for the work that winegrowers do in their fields, day after day. We would like to reaffirm our support for their quest for excellence, and for their approach respectful of the environment, whether sustainable, organic, biodynamic, or natural. We are extremely proud to offer these wines to our clients, each bottle filled with the treasures of the vineyards, heritage, history, and culture.

As always, we are delighted to offer our wines at attractive prices, you’ll find so many on the site with a reduced price – remaining stock making way for new vintages about to arrive. There are also great deals to be had on buying three, six, or 12 bottles of the same wine. For those starting out, the best value can be found in our ‘must-have’ range. This is a selection of around 50 wines that our team has judged to be essential to any cellar and have brought them to you for incredible value.

So, we’re sure you got the gist by now, it’s pretty much French Friday every day at iDealwine!

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