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It’s not often that you hear of Burgundy and natural wine in the same sentence, but Domaine de Chassorney is one happy exception. Uncompromising in his quest for excellence, Domaine de Chassorney is led by talented winemaker Frédéric Cossard.

Frédéric Cossard, a prodigious natural winemaker

Frédéric Cossard is a winemaker who avoids the limelight, but one who is said to be very jovial and boasts real joie de vivre.  He is considered a star in the world of natural wines, in Burgundy, and all over France. Son of a farmer, Cossard quickly realised his passion lay in the vineyards rather than in the fields. He first worked as a wine broker, then as a wine grower. His passion and respect for nature have produced aromatic wines that are highly sought after. He produces about 2,5000 bottles per year, following strict biodynamic and natural vinification rules. These bottles are an exception in Burgundy, a region that is not kind to natural wine, which often requires wines to be “maquillé” or ‘made-up’ in order to mask wine faults. Domaine de Chassorney’s wines are not produced in this way,  which adds to the legendary status of Frédéric Cossard.

See all wines by Frédéric Cossard and Domaine de Chassorney on sale here.

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