Clos des Treilles | Melodic, natural Cabernet Franc

At the age of 22, while working as a professional pianist, Nicolas Réau suddenly found himself drawn to Cabernet Franc, the grape (and wine) that his grandfather had introduced him to during his childhood. He decided to change course and pursue the wine route, more specifically natural wine in the Loire, at domain Clos des Treilles. The wines he has since produced are exemplars of precision and depth.

The year is 1994, and Nicolas Réau, music lover and professional pianist, decides to change course. Having seen an advert for a diploma in viticulture and enology, old memories of tasting Cabernet Franc with his grandfather come flooding back. After studying in Montagne Saint-Emilion, Nicolas Réau heads to the Loire.

In 2002, he decides to create his own domain; the dream becomes a reality in 2005. From the beginning, respect for the terroir and environment are Nicolas’ main priority: pesticides are not used, inputs in the vineyards and winery are reduced to a minimum, and only homeopathic amounts of sulphur are used, if any. Clos des Treilles obtained organic certification in 2012.

Nicolas masters his Cabernet Franc grapes, showcasing their fabulous, floral aromas. He opts for long élevages, giving the grapes time to evolve slowly and bringing a touch of Pinot to Cabernet. He picks his grapes when they are perfectly ripe so as to extract the utmost in terms of aromas; the wines deliver unparalleled depth for the region. Macerations can last up to three weeks, with neither pumping over nor lees stirring: the objective being to extract the finesse of the grapes’ aromas and tannins.

Nicolas Réau shines in Anjou like a rare and precious star: thanks to the sincerity of the wines, his commitment and uncompromising, natural vinifications. One of the finest wines in Anjou and the Loire, and one of the great natural vignerons working today.


What the guides say

Nicolas Réau doesn’t come from a winemaking family and therefore got started in wine later on in life. His terroirs lie in Sainte-Radegonde, to the south of Anjou, where Nicolas crafts red wines Pompois and L’Enfant Terrible. The white Victoire is produced from grapes growing on limestone soils veined with pink schist, quartz, sand and silt. The reds have gained much in the way of precision, without losing any of their generosity and richness of texture. The whites combine power and frankness.


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Vin de France Clos des Treilles Chenin Mechant Nicolas Réau 2018

This Chenin from Nicolas Réau is a Vin de France. Produced from the clay-limestone soils that Chenin loves so much, only 2 grams of sulphites are added during the bottling stage so as to stabilize the wine as much as possible.

Anjou Clos des Treilles Cabernet Franc Enlevement demande Nicolas Réau 2018

This Anjou is grown on soils of clay and flint; it has depth and suavity imparted by the clay and a touch of minerality from the flint. This highly drinkable wine is matured in concrete vats (50%) and wooden vats (50%). A natural wine that is full of freshness.

Anjou Clos des Treilles L’Enfant Terrible Nicolas Réau 2017

This Cabernet Franc is grown on soils of clay, limestone and gravel, at the very south of Anjou. No machines are used here; rather people who pick the grapes by hand. No chemicals are used either: not a drop of Sulphur for the white wines, and organic agriculture practiced since 2005 contributes to producing a crunchy and fruity red. The grapes are destemmed before vinification, with 3 weeks of maceration. The wine is raised in a combination concrete vats and wooden vats, lending freshness and vibrancy to this Cabernet Franc.

Anjou Clos des Treilles Pompois Nicolas Réau 2018

A superb Anjou from clay-limestone and gravel soils. This ambitious cuvée is matured for between 9 and 12 months in wooden vats. Nicolas Réau strives to produce a great Cabernet Franc redolent with fruit and eminently quaffable. A great natural Anjou wine.

Chinon Garance Nicolas Réau 2017

This natural Chinon comes from clay-silt soils, completing the superb range of terroirs from the talented Nicolas Réau. The grapes are destemmed and macerate for around 3 weeks without the addition of SO2, imparting great depth to the wine. It is matured for 18 months in 500-litre barrels (already used for two wines). A highly authentic Chinon that is made for cellaring.

Chinon Manquant Nicolas Réau 2018

This natural Chinon is produced on silt and gravel soils. Enjoy this sublime wine in its youth. Matured for 6 months in concrete, you’ll be delighted by its fruit and vibrancy.