Champagne exports in 2017: a record year

Champagne exportationThe Comité Champagne (Comité interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne) has announced that Champagne has set a new record for turnover in 2017, with sales reaching €4.9 billion. This strong progression has been fuelled by a growing international market and a subsequent increase in exports.

Last week the trade association Comité Champagne revealed the impressive Champagne sales figures for 2017. At €4.9 billion, 2017 has been a hugely successful year for Champagne producers. This is thanks mainly to an increase in exports which registered a 6.6% rise compared to 2016. The Comité Champagne also notes that sales in France remained relatively unchanged compared to last year (€2.1 billion). In terms of value, the USA was the biggest market and Champagne sales enjoyed an 8.5% rise on 2016 (€560 million). The UK remained the second biggest export market despite a decrease of 5.7% (an inevitable Brexit hangover) while in third place was Japan who registered remarkable growth both in value (+21.3%) and volume (+17.6%).

Japan is not the only Asian country contributing to this Champagne export boom. The Comité Champagne remarked that progress in “China, Hong Kong and Taiwan” was “particularly dynamic” (+26.7% in value) and in South Korea sales surpassed the million bottle threshold for the first time (+39.5% in value).

France aside, Scandinavia came out on top in Europe with sales registering “an increase of more than 9% in value” on the preceding year.

According to the Comité Champagne, the extraordinary demand for Champagne in these foreign markets is “directly linked to a strong progression in markets where Champagne is highly prized”, whereas in 2016 this growth was explained by “a diversification of products”.

With exportation figures closely linked to demand and product quality, the future looks bright for Champagne.

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