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Domain Roagna, an icon of Barbaresco

We head to the Langhe region (Piedmont), the “Burgundy” of Italian wines, to get to know an iconic producer of Barbaresco, domain Roagna.

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Top auction picks | Take your cellar from excellent to exceptional

Enrich your collection with the treasures up for auction in our latest sale, including wonders from Italy and beautiful Burgundy bottles.

Auction Report December 2020 | A natural conclusion

Which bottles came out on top for the final auctions of 2020?

All there is to know about Barolo!

Behind the tranquil hills of Barolo, a fiery debate rages on...

Domaine Vietti | A lesson in identity at the heart of the Langhe

Always on the lookout for wines with a strong identity, the iDealwine team has struck gold with this remarkable, family domain, located on Piedmont’s Langhe hills.

Wine guide | Italy

Here is our guide to Italy, a country bursting with vineyards that continue to produce marvels.