Domaine Vietti | A lesson in identity at the heart of the Langhe

Always on the lookout for wines with a strong identity, the iDealwine team has struck gold with this remarkable, family domain, located on Piedmont’s Langhe hills in a small, medieval town. Domaine Vietti has been operating since the early 20th century, evolving from a precursor into a regional symbol.

A little, medieval village sheltered by the Langhe hills, Castiglione Falletto is distinguished by the Vietti domain, brought to the pinnacle of the appellation by four generations of winemakers who have been working since the early 20th century. It was following the end of the First World War, in 1919, that Mario Vietti decided to dedicate his property to winemaking and create his own wines…that the Italians have welcomed with open arms!

After Mario Vietti passed away in 1960, Luciana Vietti and her husband Alfredo Currado had no intention of cutting his preliminary success short. They contributed greatly to the domain’s economic growth, making wines from grapes grown at the domain itself and sorted from neighbouring vineyards. Wine lovers across the Atlantic are great fans of his work, but Alfredo Currado surprises even more than his peers with his single-parcel vinifications and his passion for Arnéis, a white, native grape variety formerly forgotten in time. Thanks to Currado’s drive, this grape variety rediscovered its sophistication, becoming the pride of the Roero appellation, located to the north of its prestigious neighbour, Nebbiolo.

During this period, the trend was for standardisation in the wine industry, but Domaine Vietti wanted to stand out, taking this opportunity to offer wines with individual character. And to do this, the yields were, and remain, limited. In the cellar, the length of the maceration depends on the vintage, then there is a maturation of 16 months in French casks and Croatian oak barrels. Bottling is carried out without fining or filtering in order to confer great concentration and exceptional longevity to the wines.

Today, Domaine Vietti is managed masterfully by Luca Currado, Alfredo and Luciana’s son, and by their son-in-law Mario Cordero. Together they are seeking to highlight the Langhe and Alba regions’ terroirs, crafting marvels with Barbera, a grape variety marked by aromas of cherry, prune and black pepper, all underscored by a beautiful acidity that ensures its legendary ageing potential.

Here are the Vietti wines available at iDealwine

And if you’re curious about other Italian wines, take a look at our selection

Barbera d’Alba Tre Vigne

As its name suggests, this cuvée is a single-variety Barbera wine aged between 25 and 40 years. After an attentive growth in clay and chalk soil, the grapes underwent alcoholic fermentation for two weeks in steel vats before being matured for a year in casks and steel vats. This wine is ruby red in colour, giving off notes of ripe, black cherry and vanilla. With its round and supple tannins, it will go nicely with grilled vegetables, soups and delicate meat dishes in light sauce.

Barbera d’Asti Tre Vigne

To create this cuvée, the domain carried out a cold maceration and a 2-week alcoholic fermentation in steel containers in order to preserve the grape variety’s delicate character. After this, post-fermentation maceration and an 18-month élevage in casks, barrels and steel containers have given this wine great structure and complexity. What we find upon tasting this is a wine that is nicely balanced between minerality and vanilla notes, with a fine acidity and structure.

Langhe Perbacco

This Langhe wine is a single-varietal cuvée made of Nebbiolo that was matured for two years in oak barrels. Made to be aged and to accompany characterful dishes, it stands out for its power and its aromatic complexity (dark fruits, mint, gentle spices).

Barbaresco Masseria

This cuvée is the resulting blend of two vineyards that are excellent for their clay-chalk soil and their exposure to the south. Matured for two and a half years in oak barrels, this wine is ruby red in colour, giving off notes of dark, mature fruit, minerals and dried flowers like rose. Its firm, tannic structure is balanced by a superb acidity. With excellent ageing potential, it can be kept in the cellar for over 20 years before accompanying roasted dishes.

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