Ship your wines to the U.S, for less!

usa cork mapiDealwine is delighted to offer a reduced delivery fee on shipments to the US, meaning American wine lovers can now enjoy their favourite bottles for less…

With three auctions now taking place a month, as well as three fixed-price sales, the choice of wine has never been so diverse and plentiful chez iDealwine and the circle of fellow wine enthusiasts is widening.

America has dominated the global wine market for quite some time: it has been the largest wine consuming nation for the past 23 years and has shown consistent growth. Here at iDealwine, our U.S. customer base is expanding rapidly, and the buying preferences of American wine lovers never fails to intrigue us. While partial to a nice bottle of Bordeaux and Burgundy like the rest of us, they don’t let a few thousand miles of ocean stop them from unearthing some of the best kept secrets from the French vineyard. American oenophiles display a talent for singling out special bottles from some of the lesser known French vineyards like the Jura, Beaujolais and Loire which have proved particularly popular at recent auctions amongst bidders from the U.S.

Yet, unfortunately for our friends across the Atlantic, import tariffs on wine generally aren’t in their favour. Despite the USA being the world’s largest wine importer, customs fees can be costly, and American aficionados have to pay a price for the delectable Old-World wines they so covet.

Well, we have some excellent news for our American customers: iDealwine has reduced the delivery tariffs on all wines sent to the U.S! You can now receive a case of 12 bottles for €120 (previously €180).

Our trusted logistics partner will deliver your wines promptly (between 10 to 15 working days on average) by airmail. As you know, shipping wine is a matter we take seriously. We use the most weather resistant parcels available on the market and all bottles are packaged in individual shock resistant polystyrene cases before being packaged again. This insulation protects them from any fluctuations in temperature that may occur during the shipping process.

Our platform has become an established source for many wine collectors in Europe and Asia. Any wines you bid on or buy will reach you in perfect condition and our competitive delivery tariffs will make them taste all the more delicious.

So, there you have it. If you would like to know more about delivery to the USA, or have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to send an email to or give us a call on +33 1 56 05 86 10.


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