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William Fèvre is an historic Chablis domain, one that has undoubtedly made the most significant contribution to the renaissance of the Chablis appellation. It has always produced outstanding white wines. They are wonderfully elegant elegance and have a great aptitude for aging. William Fèvre wines are unanimously praised by critics.

Domaine William Fèvre estate is so iconic that even if it is not wholly responsible for the resurgence of the Chablis name, it certainly played a hugely important role.  A large estate, measure 78 hectares, fifteen of which are Grand Crus and sixteen of which are Premier Crus. In terms of quality, as this estate can claim world renown – the Chablis produced here have always strived for excellence.

Even though Chablis has been the home of the Fèvre for over 250 years, it was not until 1959 that the young William founded the Domaine de la Maladière from the family’s 7 hectares and produced his first harvest. He quickly established a reputation as a staunch defender of the unique characteristics and various historical terroirs of Chablis. In the 1970s and 1980s, William Fèvre as everywhere: managing the estate as well as travelling all around the world on behalf of the Chablis Appellation, promoting not just his vineyard but of all Chablis.  Gradually, Fèvre expanded the domain, while remaining within the historic boundaries of the Chablis appellation. Today, Domaine William Fèvre is one of the largest in Chablis. In 1998, Bouchard Père et Fils, a house from the Burgundy capital of Beaune, bought the estate and took on its modernisation. They managed to do so while maintaining the excellent reputation of the estate, best known for its ultra-subtle expression of the Chablis climats. They renamed the estate for its illustrious founder, William Fèvre.

Didier Séguier has managed the domain since 1998. With him he has brought great rigor to the work in the vines and has ensured this dedication is continued in the cellar.

In the 90 parcels that make up the domain, the soils are meticulously groomed, the yields are limited, the vines are hand-harvested, the grapes placed in small crates then are meticulous sorted at every stage. The viticulture is organic in practice but not in certification.

In order to let the subtle nuances of the Chablis terroirs express themselves and to the estate uses patinated barrels aged for an average six years in the cellar, instead of new barrels. As well as expressing the terroir, this is done to preserve freshness and minerality. It results in rich wines with great aromatic purity. They do not lose their “Chablis-ness” and reveal nuances of each vintage.

This domaine enjoys fruits of its intense and meticulous viticultural labour. It produces wines that know how to age gracefully but manages to produce wines easier to drink in their youth. Unsurprisingly, it takes time to appreciate all the qualities of two of the Premier Crus: Vaillons is deliciously fresh and with a subtle minerality; Vaulorent has a beautiful minerality which pair wonderfully with the finest fish.

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