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Some of the finest wines need years and years in the cellar to reveal their full potential, and these beautiful bottles are ready to be uncorked and enjoyed. We’ve got 1998 Lafite-Rothschild, 2009 Château Rayas, 1982 Krug Vintage…and they all deserve their moment in the sun.

Fine reds

When it comes to mature, red vintages, the classic regions you’re likely to covet are Bordeaux and Burgundy. New to the site is a six-bottle lot of 1998 Château Lafite-Rothschild, if your sights are set on a premier grand cru classé, and there’s also a marvellous 2005 vintage. From Burgundy, a question arises as to whether the word ‘fine’ goes far enough…but you will be the judge of that! We have some exceptional Clos de la Roche and Charmes-Chambertin cuvées from Jacky Truchot, as well as several incredible bottles of 1990 Grands-Echezeaux from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. Wandering into France’s other wine making regions, all of them home to some perfectly-aged marvels, we have several vintages available of Château Rayas’ Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Further south, we have several 2000 Château Montus, this being one of the most important cuvées for the renewed renown of the Tannat grape. If your desires lean more on the Italian side, Giuseppe Mascarello’s 2004 Barolo Monprivato is a full-bodied, Piedmont cuvée bottled 6 years after its vintage. And to finish on a really strong note, we also have port cuvées from Niepoort looking for a home.

White nectars

Tasting a mature, white wine that has been crafted for ageing is an indulgent moment like no other. New additions to our selection include emblematic names from Burgundy’s Meursault region such as Latour and Lafon. We also have two different expression of the 1996 premier cru Les Perrières, one from Jacques Prieur and the other by Albert Grivault, a vintage given 18/20 by iDealwine for the acidity and elegance of its white wines. Also from this part of the Hexagon is a 2004 Bâtard-Montrachet from Masion Louis Jadot, here sold in a three-bottle lot. Now we head to Bordeaux, where dessert wines are a speciality that continue to blow us away. There are Château d’Yquem cuvées available in 1988, 1990, and 1995, as well as the Crème de Tête by Château Gilette in its 1988 and 1990 vintages. If you’ve already tried a red from Château Rayas, this sale is your chance to taste a delicious white Châteauneuf-du-Pape, incredibly racy cuvées with superb volume. And we couldn’t fail to mention Alsace, the home of beautifully aromatic, aged whites such as the 2007 Range de Thann Clos Saint-Urbain by Zind-Humbrecht, and the 2001 grand cru Schoenenberg by Marcel Deiss.

Sparkling wines

If you’ve got something to celebrate, a bottle of fizz or an especially generous cuvée might be on the cards. We’ve been on the lookout for new gems from Champagne, and we found this 1982 Krug Vintage, a delicate, balanced, and fresh wine quintessential of this prestigious maison. The Blancs des Millénaires cuvée by Charles Heidsieck is also a marvel, here illustrated in its 2004 vintage, a particularly flattering year for Champagne.

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