Clos des Lunes | Dry White Wine in Sauternes

Located in the Sauternes region, Clos des Lunes is highly unusual in that it only produces dry white wines. Olivier Bernard, its owner, promises wine enthusiasts will love Clos des Lunes to the moon (and back!)

Clos des Lunes was born in Olivier Bernard’s mind while he was working at the Domaine de Chevalier, the world renowned winery in Pessac-Léognan, producing red and iconic dry whites. Having mastered dry white wine wine of unparalleled finesse and freshness, Bernard sought a new challenge – doing the same but in a region that makes the world’s most famous sweet white wines – Sauternes. In 2011, he acquired Clos des Lunes, a property located forty-odd kilometres south-east of Bordeaux, which appealed to him because of its rich, multifaceted terroir. His goal was clear: he wanted « to start a new chapter, one that tells the story of a fine, very fine dry white wine ». With this dream, a new page of Bordeaux wines is being written, one that is modern and daring yet respectful of tradition.

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