The iDealwine world of spirits (2) – Rums

rum barrels

We present you with part two of our spirits series: the rums on fixed-price sale on the iDealwine website. As you can see, a top-class selection of rums which will transport you to the Caribbean, and in some cases, back 300 years in time…

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Produced in Guatemala, Zacapa rum is distilled from first-press sugar cane juice. This differs from most other rums which are made from syrup rather than the juice, and its this juice which gives Zacapa rum its incomparable sweetness. The rums develop their aromas during the many years spent ageing in oak barrels in “the house above the clouds”, at an altitude of more than 2,300 metres.

Zacapa XO

Zacapa uses a solera system (which is usually reserved for making sherry) in which the youngest rums are added to the older ones in a succession of different types of barrels, bourbon, sherry and Pedro Ximenez, creating a blend with an amazing complexity. Zacapa XO matures in oak casks which were previously used to make Cognac, forming the perfect alliance between the exuberance of rum and the elegance of the French spirit.
The mahogany elixir reveals an intense nose with an outstanding complexity. Dried fruits, cacao, and toasted notes rise from the glass, while the rounded rum imparts flavours of almond and vanilla on the palate.


The Diamond estate was founded in 1670 on the banks of the Demerara River in Guyana. The distillery, Guyana’s last, is now owned by Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL), a business created by the government when it nationalized the country’s distilleries in 1974. Diamond is produced in a two-column metal Coffey still that was installed in the 1950s. After selling to brokers, merchants and blenders for many years, DDL finally launched its own brand, El Dorado, in 1992, featuring bottlings that blend or highlight the rums produced by the distillery’s different stills which it aquired as the countries other distilleries closed one by one.

23 year old Kill Devil

Kill Devil Guyana was distilled in May 1998 and aged for 23 years in a single barrel selected by the bottler Hunter Laing. Only 212 bottles were produced and the rum contains 48.5% alcohol.


In 1989, Alexandre Gabriel discovered Maison Ferrand, a very high-quality Cognac house, which produces very limited numbers of bottles. It was love at first sight, and thereafter, Alexandre strove to learn all there was to learn about the specificities of cognac. He travelled to the four conrner of the world in order to establish his distribution network. In the 1990s, he went in search for the finest rums in the Caribbean and ended up creating Plantation, his own range of terroir-driven rums. His work paid off, and 15 years later, he was named the world’s best rum ambassador and won the prestigious Golden Barrel Award.

The group also produces gin, cognac, curacao, calvados, Armagnac and vodka. Plantation rums are sold in more than 40countries. They are matured by way of double-aging: the rum ages in the Caribbean in American oak barrels, then, some years later, the rum is brought to France, to the Château de Bonbonnet in the heart of the Cognac region, where it is matured in French oak barrels. This house is known for the balance found in their rums, their character, elegance and complexity.

Rhum Plantation XO 20th Anniversary

This rum is a blend of several rums from Barbados, aged for eight to ten years and selected by Alexandre Gabriel, then refined in small cognac barrels for two to ten years. It stands out thanks to its spiced, chocolatey  notes and indulgence on the palate. It was created to celebrate the producer’s 20th anniversary

If you, like us, are feeling tempted by the selection above, why not check out all of the rums for sale on the iDealwine website? You will also find the entire range of spirits available on iDealwine here. Be warned: given the rareness of some of these bottles, stocks are limited!