Testimonial: Selling your wines with iDealwine, “a fast and smooth experience”


Do you remember the superb cellar from a Parisian oenophile which featured in our September auctions? It had lots of you dreaming about – and winning – Raveneau’s rare Chablis, mythical Pinot noirs of Burgundy, the great Bordeaux, as well as deep and mature wines from the Rhone. Given the great success of this auction, we wanted to learn more about this wine enthusiast’s experience.

How did you hear about iDealwine?

A friend of mine first told me about iDealwine. Then I met other people who spoke about your site, so I had a look for myself and was immediately very interested by the possibility of buying wines as I regularly buy wines for my consumption.

Why did you choose iDealwine to sell you wines?

I had had my cellar for a long time. While people tend to think it’s complicated to sell wine on the internet, a lawyer friend of mine reassured me that iDealwine offers a high-quality service. Having bought on your site a couple of times, I decided to sell my collection at auction.

How was the experience?

The entire process was very straightforward and fluid. Everything was clear, from receiving my list of wines for sale, them being picked up and then sold at auction. I was reassured, I didn’t need to ring very often to have anything explained to me. One factor which spurred me on to sell my wines with iDealwine was your free collection service, as I find it hard to carry heavy parcels.

And your experience with members of the iDealwine team?

The entire team was very helpful, friendly and ready to help when I had any questions.

Do you have any advice to give to people who’d like to sell their wine on our website?

I would recommend iDealwine to anyone for two reasons. The first is financial. Before going through iDealwine, I sold my wines at physical auction houses, but the commission rates were higher. The second is a practical reason: with iDealwine, the process was very smooth and the logistics simple.

To conclude, can you define iDealwine in three adjectives?

I would describe iDealwine the same was as I described your colleagues: helpful, friendly and ready to help. In fact, even though iDealwine is a website, it’s always easy to speak to someone and I hope you don’t lose this accessibility. iDealwine’s strength is the way it has combined the fluidity of the internet with the personal, by way of quick and easy contact on the telephone.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Personally, my taste in wine is constantly changing. At the moment, I’m very interested in the natural wine movement, which you highlight on the iDealwine website. That is another of your strengths: you are often ahead of your competitors. You set yourself apart from the others with the eclectic nature of your sales: there are essential wines for lovers of the classics or more specialist wines for those looking for something original.

The whole iDealwine team would like to thank this client and seller for his kindness and the time he afforded us. We are touched by his comments as the team is passionate about helping sellers during the entire – sometimes complicated – process! We hope that his experience will make you want to see your wines on our site. Don’t hesitate to contact us to get a free estimation, we would be delighted to help 😊

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