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When Brexit becomes a wine issue or an opportunity  

The UK has always been one of the major players for world wine imports. Indeed wine consumption accounts for more than one-third of UK alcohol consumption in volume. French wine exportations to England go back a long time ago. During the XIIth century, Bordeaux region was British and thanks to maritime paths many barrels were exported to England. Brits have always enjoyed drinking fine wine and especially French. Brexit may have consequences on this historical pleasure.     The impact of Brexit on wine trade From a macroeconomic point of view, Brexit will…

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Sparkling and spirits boost French wine exports in the first half of 2016

In the first half of 2016, exports of French wines and spirits grew by 1% to €5.3 billion - an historic level. However, these figures hide some major disparities. Spirits (+4% in value) and sparkling wines (+4% in value) drove sales, but falling production in recent years means still wines are in decline (-3% in volume, -2% in value). Sector boosted by spirits and sparkling wines Sales of sparkling wines overseas continued to grow both in value (4%) and volume (1.1 billion) in the first half of the year. These figures are down…

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Brexit and its impact on the wine market

Following the announcement of Brexit, shock waves ran through the wine market too. Even if it is still too early to forecast with any accuracy what its medium or long term effects will be, we are already able to broadly outline how Brexit will impact on wine trading between the United Kingdom and Europe. The United Kingdom has always held a dominant position in the wine market, a position maintained in particular by the strengthen of leading merchants and long-established brokers who are able to call the shots when it comes to prices…

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iDealwine’s WineDex® 100 remains stable in April and up 4.48% in 2016

iDealwine's wine indexes showed little movement in April. However, they have kept ahead of the CAC 40 index since the start of the 2016 financial year. On the auction front, a "wait and see" approach is always required in this "pre-primeur" period, and prices of recent vintages, most of which are listed in iDealwine's indices iDealwineindexes, remained stable in April: the iDealwine indice100 rose slightly to 0.42%, driven mainly by wines from the Rhône valley (+ 0.63% for iDealwine indiceRhône) and also by Burgundy wines (+ 0.49%) . In Bordeaux, stable rates are…

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Report from ProWine Asia and thoughts on the Singapore market

Following our last visit to Shanghai in March for the Grand Tasting, we're back in Asia with Alexandra to promote iDealwine at the first edition of ProWine Singapore. Unlike in Shanghai, where the attendees we met were individual wine lovers, the Singapore event was open to professionals only. More than 8,000 delegates came from the region's main countries – including Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand and Malaysia – to discover wines from nearly 250 exhibitors, producers, importers and distributors. The market is still a small one, with a population of just over 5 million, but…

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Considering the UK market

The UK wine market finally seems to be stabilising, with especially the on-trade showing signs of a revival, while the price per litre for wine has been increasing in both the on-trade and off-trade. With our head office in Paris, iDealwine has been growing its international reach by opening an office in Hong Kong in 2013 and London in 2014, focussing more time and resources on serving our clients in the UK, Western Europe, Asia and the US. Based in our London office and following the recent London Wine Fair, I decided to…

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