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Engel, Dujac, Vogüé, Burgundy at the top | Auction report

During July, the auction market was still wide awake! Buyers from all over the world fought for the best wines from Burgundy with continuous rising prices. Beautiful auctions on great Burgundy names During both auctions in July, once again, the famous Burgundy domains have had remarkable performances. Indeed, particularly during the sale that ended on 26th July, Engel, Dujac and Vogüé domains registered prices way above their iDealwine estimates. Domaine René Engel: Domaine René Engel (now called Domaine d’Eugénie since its purchase by François Pinault in 2006) is a vineyard of 7 hectares…

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Dujac & other Côte de Nuits domains | Auction report

Just over 6,000 bottles were offered for sale at the last online iDealwine auction which closed on 15 March. A third of the bottles were purchased by foreign enthusiasts, with bidding from some thirty countries. This sale put scarce grand crus from the Domaine Dujac under the spotlight. Although Domaine Dujac does not often feature at auction, thus keeping it out of the spotlight, it belongs to an exclusive circle of producers whose wines are sought after by enthusiasts worldwide. Established in 1967 by Jacques Seysses, the domaine is now run by the…

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August Online Auction Report

Château Latour, Dujac, Châteauneuf du Pape and Vouvray top the August Online Auction The recent Online Auction that ended 29th August showed no respite of impressive results, even in the heart of summer! 550 buyers from around the world (25 countries) competed for lots. Despite the ups and downs of China's economy, Asia was not outdone, representing 8% of the buyers. The auction resulted in many price increases in all regions. In Bordeaux,where prices remain globallystable, Petrus continues to be one of the most demanded wines: +19% for the 1990 vintage (€3,200) and…

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