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Yquem, Bordeaux 1982, La Tâche, Clos Rougeard | Auction report

The latest auction on iDealwine, which ended on 13th September, was full of rare wines. Focus on some of these exceptional lots. Two auctions per month on iDealwine: the pace is sustained, as nearly 100,000 bottles are sold via our platform at auction. And yet, each sale has its treasures, sourced from Europe finest cellars. The last auction illustrated well this fact. Yquem, huge and exceptional Right in the foreground, this catalog offered an exceptional series of large bottles from the Château d'Yquem. Unsurprisingly, it was the vintage 1990 (Parker points?) – a…

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Top 20 of Loire wines

Let's continue our Tour de France of the rankings of the most expensive wines sold at auction in the first half of 2017, with Loire wines. If the top of the podium is trusted by the regional stars, there are also very confidential and less famous domains. Loire wines are known to be worth their money. Even if prices remain reasonable, some domains saw them soar at auction, like the famous Clos Rougeard, but also other more confidential ones. If we rank the auctions recorded on iDealwine during the first six months of…

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Clos Rougeard has officially been purchased by the Bouygues brothers

Martin and Olivier Bouygues confirmed purchasing Clos Rougeard, a mythical domain from the Loire. This announcement was highly awaited, as the Revue du Vin de France reported negotiations beginning of January. A new chapter for French vineyard history. Vines that have never seen any inputs Clos Rougeard is an 11-hectare domain located in Chacé a few kilometers away from Saumur. Its reputation was built on the wonderful work accomplished by the Foucault brothers: Jean-Louis (also known as "Charly") and Bernard (aka "Nady"), the 8th generation of vine growers settled on this great Saumur-Champigny…

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September Auction Report: Clos Rougeard breaks more world records

Wines from the most famous producer in Saumur-Champigny are on a roll. At the latest online auctions on 28th September, two magnums of Le Bourg and Les Poyeux fetched record prices. The bidding goes on and the records pile up for Clos Rougeard wines (read iDealwine's article on the Drinks Business). A few days ago, the estate's flagship vintages, Le Bourg and Les Poyeux, went up for sale in the much rarer magnum format. Fierce bidding for the most famous Saumur Champigny in the world pushed prices to unprecedented heights. A 2011 Le…

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Auction Report: top bids for 1966, prestige Champagne & old Yquem

Prices for Bordeaux and Burgundy wines have calmed down, but wine lovers seem keener than ever on rare and prestige vintages from Champagne, the Rhône, Alsace and the Loire. And with a number of bottles celebrating their 50th birthday this year, our bidders seem ready for anything… The top sale at this auction was a case of high-end Bordeaux 2005 wines - Château Margaux, Lafite Rothschild, Cheval Blanc, Petrus, Latour and Mouton Rothschild. Congratulations to the Swiss buyer who walked off with this much in demand lot for €6300 (+11% on its iDealwine…

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Meursault’s Roulot impresses on auction

Roulot may be less renowned than other Coche-Dury or Auvenay producers, but has emerged as a sought-after success during the recent auction sales of white Burgundy. A key reason for this is that Jean-Marc Roulot’s Meursault wines are not only of exceptional quality, but also with a strong personality and style which is becoming more and more popular. Many Meursault producers have gained a reputation for creating big and opulent Chardonnay that is rich and concentrated, often marked by a “smoky or toasty” character, wrongly suggesting that this is the only style of…

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High bids on Clair-Daü, Chave and Clos Rougeard

The latest Online Auction that closed on the 1st of April attracted nearly 600 buyers from around the world, who battled it out for some rare bottles, including a collection of Chave from Hermitage and different vintages of Clos Rougeard, red as well as white. In Bordeaux, it was primarily vintages older than 10 years that pushed the prices up, with one exception: the year 2009. This vintage generated impressive results for Château Pichon Longueville Baron, sold for €172 a bottle, up 10% on the iDealwine estimate, and Château Beychevelle, sold for €83…

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